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The Demise of Totalitarian Liberalism

Refugees and migrants hold a banner and shout slogans as they walk heading in the direction of the Croatian border, in Belgrade, Serbia November 11, 2016. REUTERS/Marko Djurica - RTX2T78Q

Refugees and migrants hold a banner and shout slogans as they walk heading in the direction of the Croatian border, in Belgrade, Serbia November 11, 2016. REUTERS/Marko Djurica – RTX2T78Q

The end of hate-filled, totalitarian “liberalism” began with Netanyahu, spread to the US, and will continue to Europe

During the March 2015 election campaign in Israel, the polls predicted a dead heat between the right leaning Likud and the left leaning Zionist Union. Likud won by a wide margin. During the June 2016 Brexit referendum, the polls predicted a majority for supporters of the UK remaining in the EU. The UK voted for departure. During the 2016 election campaign in the US, the polls predicted a victory for Hillary Clinton over Donald Trump. The polls were wrong again; Donald Trump is the President-elect of the United States.

In 2017, the Netherlands, France, and Germany will all conduct general elections. It is already clear that there, too, right leaning parties will gain substantial power, if not take the helm of government altogether. Subsequently, departure from the EU will be high on the priority list, at least in the Netherlands and France.

This is not a coincidence. For decades, the ruling elites have been trying to persuade us that scrapping borders and promoting pluralism and multiculturalism (another way of saying “no-culture-at-all”) are the way to go. The press has become their tool of education, asserting that if you think that Jerusalem should be an inseparable part of Israel then you are Arab hating and possibly genocidal. Or, if you think that millions of young, healthy, predominantly male Muslims marching into Europe with no intention to integrate with its society and culture is actually an invasion, then you’re an Islamophobe. Finally, the press has been telling us that if you’re an American worried about the migration of millions of people who have no respect for or grasp of the meaning of a free society, then you are a bigot, a xenophobe, and a danger to democracy.

A Recipe for Chaos

Through mockery and boycotting of independent thinkers who did not conform to the “proper” view, totalitarian “liberalism” has imposed its view on public discourse. Today, the only “legitimate” view is one that welcomes migrants indiscriminately, regardless of the cost that the Europeans, and now Americans, have to pay. This cannot work.
As I have written previously, trying to impose merger of cultures without prior preparation is hopeless because it contradicts human nature and therefore cannot succeed. Just as Soviet Russia failed to merge its myriad nationalities into a single entity despite using oppression, starvation, and genocide, Europe will not be able to quietly absorb the Muslims, nor will America. The attempt is a recipe for chaos.
Education First
In all of history, there has been only one example of different nationalities fusing together successfully: the people of Israel. The early Jews did not emerge from one locality, nor share a single biological ancestry. They became a nation as our forefathers took them through a gradual process where they would use the conflicts that emerged among them as a means for enhancing their mutual connection.

Although the “official” birth of the Jewish people was at the foot of Mt. Sinai, when they agreed to unite “as one man with one heart,” clashes and conflicts continued to emerge among them for a long time afterwards. The early Jews learned to “blanket” their conflicts with love, thereby enhancing their unity, much the same as lovers do when they make up after an argument.
The Jews learned from their forefathers that the ego alone cannot sustain a society. They realized that nature utilizes two basic forces, or if you will, two “legs” to move forward: positive and negative, giving and receiving, egoism and altruism. In all of reality, the two legs balance each other naturally and the world paces along in peace. However, in human society, only the negative force rules, the ego. When the Jews learned how to add the positive force, the “leg” of altruism, they succeeded in building a tight and solid bond among the strangers whom we now know as “the people of Israel.”

This shift does not happen overnight. It takes time and training. The early Jews did not mingle with each other senselessly. They divided themselves into tribes and were forbidden to intermarry precisely because they knew they had not prevailed over their egos sufficiently to do so. Whenever hatred arose among them, they covered it with love, until the next bit of egoism erupted. King Solomon encapsulated the way Israel worked with two forces with the words: “Hatred stirs strife, and love covers all crimes” (Prov 10,12).

George Soros’ funding of the mass migration of Muslims into Europe and the US forces migrants and locals alike to merge cultures and religions that neither understand nor appreciate one another. Without thorough education toward connection, where people learn to cover their hatred with love, as the Israelites did in the Sinai desert, this “experiment” will inevitably end badly. In fact, its failure is so obvious that it raises the concern that its perpetrator may have intended precisely the mayhem rather than the merger.

Voting Out Totalitarian Liberalism

Trump’s election, as is the rise of the political right in Europe and the growing strength of the right in Israel, indicate that people will not tolerate forced merger with another culture. They are not reactionaries or isolationists. People need to feel confident that immigration does not come at the expense of their livelihood, safety, and heritage. When Germans are afraid that Augsburg might become Islamburg, they are not extremists; they are simply protecting themselves. It is the most natural thing to do, and unless you have been deluded into thinking that migrants come first at any cost, you would agree. Such warping of human nature is the result of totalitarian liberalism and people are now voting it out.

In all honesty, I think that Europe may have missed the last train. There are too many migrants in it already, Europeans are too weak to educate them into democracy or force them out, and worst of all, many European governments still champion this form of liberalism and cannot, or will not see its harms.

But the US is still not lost. It will be an uphill battle, but it can still be won. Before the election, the press expressed concern about what Trump’s voters might do in case he lost. Now that he has won, the same papers are applauding riots all over the country. If ever there has been a clear case of press partiality, this must be it.

Against the will of the elite, a new course has been set that is intended to benefit the middle class and blue collar workers rather than Wall Street. The banks will not capitulate so easily, but at least there is hope for change.

Society Needs Both Legs

America is already a mélange of cultures and ethnicities, but it has no true union. This can be achieved not by making everyone the same, but rather by retaining the differences, and building unity above them. This is the only way Americans will feel simultaneously at home (culturally) and proud (of their country). If America wants to end racism, it needs to halt immigration and implement the ancient Hebrews education system. Only once a solid social fabric has been formed should America renew the admission of newcomers, provided they, too, undergo education toward unity prior to arriving.

Only if we give the positive force of nature—the leg of unity—the upper hand, we will be able to maintain a sound society. This is true for Israel, as it is true for the US, as well as for Europe. It is the law of nature that when the ego is the sole rule, it will destroy society.

Liberalism has allowed the ego to reign high under a blanket of spurious clichés and silenced those who spoke against it, thus suffocating genuine pluralism. Now that it is being dethroned, we have an opportunity to rebuild society based on healthy, sustainable connections where we acknowledge our self-centered nature, and cover it with love.

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