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What Jews Must Learn from Trump’s Victory

Reality caught everyone by surprise.

The shock and dismay over the election of Donald Trump for president must teach us quite a few things.

Reality caught everyone by surprise.

Media coverage was misleading and the polls turned out to be unreliable. The old administration which Hillary Clinton was going to continue, despite all of its power and the billions of dollars it invested, was completely detached from the true sentiment and heartbeat of the American people. But more important, what Clinton voters failed to see is that beyond rhetoric and the focus on Donald Trump’s personality, a greater process is taking place that most are oblivious of, or inadvisably choose to ignore.

A global village in crisis

In the past eight years of the Obama administration a process of global instability and decline has been taking place, tearing America and the entire world order apart. This in Kabbala is referred to as “the path of suffering.” Instead of reaching humanity’s intended goal of unity and peace in the world the fast and easy way, on the preferred “path of awareness,” we have been experiencing painful pressures that push us to change forcibly.

This change from the path of destruction America was on, both internally and as a leading global power, came in the form of Donald Trump and the movement that formed behind him.

Trump didn’t come in a package that was easy for many to swallow, but he spoke about America’s problems in a direct and forthright manner that most American’s found to be exactly what they had been waiting for. However, many could not see past Trump’s bluntness and non-politically correct behavior despite the real problems he was addressing.

The choice Jews have yet to make

Of most concern for me, is the blindness of American Jews, over 70% of whom voted for Clinton in complete negation to the interests of Israel, and so obviously, of their own. This is in direct continuation to the increasing trend of alienation among American Jews toward Israel. I had written extensively of the dangers that would lay ahead if Jews ignored their connection to Israel and the negative effects that Clinton continuing Barack Obama’s pro-Muslim foreign policy would have on them. They did not mind that under Clinton and Obama’s watch, Jewish rights to the holy Mount were denied by UNESCO, or that their rights to Jerusalem were in question, and probably many would not mind if Israel were denied as a Jewish state as well. They don’t understand that it will be the end of them, but the time has come to change course. Trump’s election may be a slap in the face for most American Jews and many Israeli Jews who think in the same way, but this slap must waken them to see the greater process at hand above a failed vision.

For Jews this misapprehension of reality is the most crucial and disturbing, for they have a decisive role in American politics, and in the way things play out in the world for all. It’s not just that 50% of the donations to the liberal party (the Democratic Party) were from Jewish contributors, or that so many Jews hold important positions in American society – Jews have a higher purpose they must adhere to above political affiliations, they are demanded to be a light unto the nations. This does not mean attending synagogue three times a year.

According to the wisdom of Kabbala, it means they have to be a model for the correct relationships and societies we need to be seeing in a world that is becoming increasingly interconnected and interdependent.

Living in the post-political correctness era

Liberal Jews may think they are supporting liberal values such as social justice, peace and equality by their vote, but this is a great lie that has been cunningly instilled in them by the administrations, to their detriment. To truly achieve these higher ideals, which really are in their Jewish essence, Jews must deeply scrutinize their priorities in life. Beyond daily pursuits and personal goals, is a great mission and responsibility the Jewish people carries, and we cannot run from it.

It’s no coincidence that phrases such as “Love your neighbor as yourself,” “As one man with one heart,” and, “That which you hate, do not do unto others” are at the core of Jewish teaching.

These lines were not intended as moral principles, but as practical tools to create a model society whose members have acquired the qualities that are so necessary in our times. To truly counter trends of fascism, antisemitism and xenophobia, among other things, Jews must use their power and influence to protect Israel and together with it, direct the world toward unity by example. If Jews continue to turn their backs on Israel and their true role, they will find out in harsher ways than today that they are terribly mistaken.

Following the announcement of Trump’s victory, many people who voted for Clinton are concerned about the results and don’t know how to move forward. I am assured that they have nothing to fear, that this was the best choice for America, giving us an opportunity to tread “the path of awareness” once more.

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