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The US Election: An Outsider’s Perspective

America is long overdue for change. We must choose which candidate will take it through the shift successfully and safely

I have been a researcher my entire life. In my younger days I was fascinated with the human body’s complicated systems. This brought me to medical bio-cybernetics—the science that studies regulatory systems in the human body. Later in life, I started taking interest in human nature and was introduced to ontology, and to the authentic wisdom of kabbalah, as opposed to the Hollywood type.

This election campaign has been a fascinating exhibition of the myriad facets of human nature and the intricacies of human society. As an ontologist and kabbalist, I find what is happening in America critically important not just for America, but for the entire world.

A Troubling Starting Point
Whoever will occupy the White House over the next four years will have a lot to deal with. The Obama administration is leaving behind a superpower in decline. Eight years after he took office, the international status of the US is at an all time low. Obama has reignited the Cold War, sent long time allies such as Turkey and Israel straight into the hands of Russia, chilled the US relations with China, and ruined Europe financially and socially through Wall Street and massive Muslim immigration.

At home, the blacks are worse off now than they were in 2008, US campuses are breeding anti-Semitism, and student debt is skyrocketing to the point that it poses a risk of another economic bubble burst. Additionally, Obamacare, which the President hoped would be the cream of his crop, is falling apart at the expense of the poor—its intended beneficiaries. By and large, no one is better off today than before Obama took office, with the exception of the top one percent and newly arriving Muslim migrants.

Who Can Make the Change, and Why
Hillary Clinton comes from the same political school of thought as that of Barack Obama. Moreover, unlike Obama, being white and undeniably Christian, she will have nothing to prove. As a result, Mrs. Clinton will be freer to implement the Open Borders policy, taking in hundreds of thousands of migrants and giving them food stamps, free healthcare and cash, while letting America’s disadvantaged and poor continue to go hungry.

As a devout progressive, Clinton cannot see when it is time to rethink strategies. The results of another four years of this approach in the White House will be horrendous.

Donald Trump’s intriguing success is not merely a rebellion against the progressive mindset. It is also because the public recognizes Clinton’s inability to change course. Incidentally, even ardent Democrats have noticed this impairment, which explains why Bernie Sanders won far greater support than first anticipated.

Yet, Trump is far more direct than Sanders and far less obligated to mega-donors who would have insisted on dictating his policies. These traits, coupled with his brusque patriotism, make him a much more appealing alternative to Hillary than Sanders in the eyes of many voters.

In truth, I have no personal leaning toward any of them. But when I look at the world’s increasing mutual dependency and examine each candidate’s ability to adapt to it, it becomes very clear who stands a chance of riding the wave and who is bound to sink.

A World Bound Together
Until recently, everyone (and not just in America) aspired for the American Dream. Today, even most Americans no longer believe it is achievable. In an interconnected and interdependent world, the American president must be able to maintain national prowess, yet integrate the country in the global markets, without suffocating other countries’ ability to do likewise. This is a very delicate task and requires a keen sense of partnership with other world leaders.

The current administration has done the exact opposite. It has destroyed every country in the Middle East (almost including Israel), crushed Europe financially and socially, and alienated itself from the rest of the major world powers. At the same time, it did nothing to strengthen American society. In every thinkable way, the last eight years have seen America go against the global trend toward global interconnectedness, causing separation instead of integration every step of the way. Now this contradiction of vectors is beginning to take its toll on America. Another four years of this policy could take the US beyond the point of repair.

New Paradigm Required
Judging by everything that hard science and social sciences are revealing, human society must undergo a radical shift in thought patterns. We cannot continue to abuse one another thoughtlessly. Interdependence means that we must see that everyone gets to enjoy the prosperity that this world can offer. As the leader of the free world, America must head toward international collaboration and connection, toward trust and good faith.

Businesspeople, by their very nature, tend to be that way. Politicians, on the other hand, tend to see only their own interests, and the interests of their immediate cohorts.

Interdependence is a global trend that will eventually include the entire world. However, to integrate the world successfully, we must first educate people about the meaning of globalization and interconnection, how to live in a world consisting of diverse views and attitudes, and how to benefit from this diversity. The motto of the next leader of the free world should be “educate first, implement next.”

The mayhem that we see in Europe, where ludicrous ideas such as creating a “New Aleppo” in Germany are taken seriously, is precisely the result of reversing this order. Instead of educating first, the Europeans accept migrants first, then find it is impossible to integrate them in society. For lack of other options, they try to isolate the migrants from their hosts. The result, as we can see, is the accelerated demise of Europe.

Healing the Wounds
Trump’s brash directness is offensive to many. However, if America seizes the moment of candor and harnesses it for the correction of the ills of American society, it stands a good chance of becoming, well, great again. With nationwide efforts, cooperation, and a sense of shared destiny, American society can achieve the cohesion required for its healing. In America, just as everywhere else, everyone is interconnected. Therefore, the “educate first, implement next” policy must be applied there, too.

It is a fascinating process. We have seen a nation of pioneers become stagnate and change-fearing. Now it must be bold again. Will it rise to the challenge? I hope so, for America’s sake and for the sake of the rest of the world.

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