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The Pain on the Path to Happiness

We are wrong to call COVID-19 a pandemic; it’s a global crisis whose trigger was the pandemic. The crisis was a bomb waiting to explode long before the outbreak, and the coronavirus simply tipped the world off the cliff it’s been hanging on for years. So, we’d be wrong to expect the pre-corona days to return. They won’t, and nor will our lives.

As we come out of lockdowns, we will discover that life has changed, and so have we. Past values will seem absurd and immature. We will not understand why we ever chased the goals we did. Why was it important to wear one brand and not another? Why did we idolize people for their looks, or attributed wisdom to people who could dribble? Did they give us anything valuable?

Quite soon, we will realize what really makes us happy: good friends, and warm families. If you’ve got that, you are the richest person in the world. Soon, we will all feel it.

The beauty about wealth of family and friends is that the more you have of it, the more you enrich others with it, too. Because friendships and families are about people connecting with one another, sharing, caring, helping one another. In this wealth, either everyone is rich, or everyone is poor.

No one can decide for us which way we want to go. The pain on the path to happiness that COVID-19 has opened for us can be small or great; the choice is ours.

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