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Has the new coronavirus infected any children?

As we start to reopen the economy, we see an anticipated intensification of the coronavirus unfolding—its infecting more and more children.

In the United States, United Kingdom and Spain, children are getting infected and dying.

As we continue the coronavirus era with the predicament of trying to get the economy moving again, we need to use our inventiveness and ingenuity to find new solutions to this new problem.

In other words, now, when our tight interdependence and interconnectedness is staring us in the face, we need to think about how we can realize such interdependence and interconnectedness positively.

More than ever, we are being shown how our health depends on the health of everyone around us, and so we’re necessitated to each take personal responsibility for the health of others. In other words, we have been placed into a situation where we depend on our mutual responsibility and consideration of each other in order to survive and live healthy lives.

With the increasing cases of children becoming infected, a new red alert sounds: Not only are we dependent on each other, now our children—who we thought were immune to this disease—are just as dependent.

Therefore, I hope we will move forward with more consideration and responsibility of each other, as we will be increasingly shown how living lives of indifference, estrangement and neglect of each other will only lead to more and more problems and suffering.

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