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Coronavirus Kindness

First, Coronavirus taught us how beautiful nature can be when we are forced out of it, as images from around the world showed animals strolling in places that were once filled with only one species – humans. Next, Nature Magazine writes that “Researchers who study Earth’s movement are reporting a drop in seismic noise — the hum of vibrations in the planet’s crust.” Against our will, but almost instantly, we have become kind to nature, and nature is rejuvenating.

Now it’s time to take our (compulsory) kindness to the next level, to our fellow men and women, and put on masks. We must wear them not because we don’t want to catch the bug; that’s a given. We must wear them because we don’t want to pass the bug to others! If we all think of ourselves as infected, we will all put on masks and the plague will stop in no time. It’s as simple as that.

Indeed, we are infected, with ill-will. This is what’s causing our ill-health. Let’s let COVID-19 teach us how to fix our ill-health together as a first step toward correcting our ill-will toward each other.

Posted on Facebook April 3, 2020

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