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World leaders naturally want to restore the kind of civilization we’d had prior to Coronavirus since they were the ones on top. They had power, control, and wealth, so of course they want to restore it. But COVID-19 changed the lives of all of us, and they will not return to what they were. Once the shock is over, we will discover that our lives have become far better.

Until how, we’ve been driven by ruthless competitiveness; we were at each other’s throats, and the only ones who gained from it were the rich and powerful. The coronavirus forced us all to stop and rethink everything. For example, isn’t it odd that the economy collapses as soon as we buy only what we really need? Shouldn’t it be the other way around, that buying what we really need makes for a healthy market?

The virus forced us to return to the basics, to normalcy. If we revert to our old ways, nature has got many more bugs in store. The message it sends is simple: “Your days of dog-eat-dog are over. If you don’t learn to live for one another, you will not live at all.”

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