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Corona Mutual Responsibility

The coronavirus imposes on us social behaviors we aren’t used to and don’t welcome; it imposes mutual responsibility. In fact, the virus initiated a new phase in our development, and every new phase is better and more evolved than its predecessor; it is another step in the advancement of humanity toward unity and cohesion.

For the most part, we inherently object to changes and prefer to stay in the complacent known. This dissonance we feel between where we want to stay and where reality is pulling us feels painful and intimidating, but the biggest mistake we make as individuals, societies, and governments is to deny the arrival of the new phase and try to force reality to stay where it was. It won’t. Today, if we want to be happy, secure, and even healthy, we must embrace unity and mutual responsibility among all factions of society. The sooner we begin, the easier it will be for us to shift our mindsets from “me” to “we,” and ultimately to “one.”

(Image: NY: Thank You To Health Care Workers Set Up In Elmhurst)

Posted on Facebook April 6, 2020


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