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What Do You Think About the Evolution of Humans and How Far Can Humanity Go?

The evolutionary process we undergo is in order to adapt us to the upper world, i.e., to lead us to a state of harmonious connection “as one man with one heart,” one humanity functioning as a single system.

We exist in an integral system with interconnection and interdependence among its parts.

In the process, we need to experience that we are enslaved to our egoistic human nature, which makes us want to enjoy at the expense of others and nature, to a state of freedom from this egoistic servitude.

What is that place of freedom?

It is a place where we discover integrality, a deep connection from one end of nature to the other, which emerges from the upper force’s desire to love and to bestow.

The upper force of love and bestowal guides and relates to us as a single entity, and leads us to a stage where it will grant us mutual connection, where we will each primarily consider the benefit of others and the whole system we exist in.

In other words, from living in servitude to our egoistic desires, which we are currently locked in, we develop through various crises on personal, social and global scales, through which we gradually obtain the possibility of exiting the egoistic network that controls us, and entering into a new altruistic network of connections.

Why do we need to endure various crises in order to exit our egos?

It is because the human ego is very cruel, and we are incapable of rising above it with our own strength. That is, we lack the ability to convince ourselves that it is worthwhile to be positive, kind and loving of one another all over the planet. It is simply impossible while our egoistic nature constantly pulls us in an opposite direction—to self-benefit at the expense of others and nature.

Therefore, in order to show us how our egoistic attitudes make us suffer, nature sends us various crises that oblige us to face our connection, and the need to realize it positively. Accordingly, we then come to see that we have no choice but to correct our attitudes to each other, from egoistic to altruistic.

Based on the video, “Where Is Evolution Leading Us?” with Kabbalist Dr. Michael Laitman. Written/edited by students of Kabbalist Dr. Michael Laitman.
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