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What makes you optimistic about the future?

We can be optimistic about the future if we observe how nature works on us.

Nature is a live system that has created us, and which includes us within itself.

The ways it operates is above our perception. That is, as we perceive only the most self-serving information through limiting senses, nature, on the other hand, has no self-interest, but takes care of every detail in reality with utmost precision. Thus, our entire experience of life is embedded in nature.

We would thus be wise to examine how nature functions, and what precisely it demands of us.

We do a great disservice to ourselves by viewing nature as mere matter and interactions on inanimate, vegetative and animate levels, because nature contains immense wisdom beyond our mind’s grasp. It acts with great reason and consciousness, specifying what happens with every atom, molecule, rock, plant, animal and human being.

Nature develops everything and everyone toward greater states of connection. Accordingly, our penultimate destination is a state of absolute unification in thought and desire among each other and with nature.

That is what should make us optimistic, that nature is guiding us to perfection, and we need only participate in the process to actively connect above our divisive drives, and then we would experience the process we are in positively and harmoniously.

If we assume that what we now see around us in the world is all there is, then we fail to account for much greater, more expansive and fulfilling states that nature has in store for us.

Therefore, by learning about the way nature works, how it guides everything and everyone toward an absolute state of connection, and by adjusting our attitudes and relationships to enter into balance with nature’s tendency toward greater states of connection, we can then rise above myriad forms of suffering that emerge from our imbalance with nature, and start making decisions and motions that lead us to a harmonious state.

With this optimism in mind, I give everything I can to disseminate this message and a method to attain it to humanity, and hope that by doing so, humanity will enter into a balanced connection with nature sooner rather than later, thus sparing us all from much suffering in the process.

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