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American Jewry Should Stay Out of Israel’s Internal Affairs

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The results of the general election in Israel are very difficult to swallow for many American Jews. Not only did they prefer Yair Lapid to Benjamin Netanyahu as prime minister, they loathe Netanyahu’s likely coalition partners. The New York Times

What social framework should we develop for a better future?

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We are now entering a completely new framework in humanity, spanning families, towns, cities and nations. Today, nations have become replaced with a new kind of mixture, similar to how separate vegetables turn into a salad. This is especially visible

When You Fail a Grade, You Must Retake It

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Recent studies have shown that there is a “democratic recession,” as one paper called it. Another study moaned, “To the surprise of many in the West, the fall of the USSR in 1991 did not lead to the adoption of

Is it natural for a person to live in frameworks?

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It is natural for us to live in frameworks because we emerged from the animate level of nature, where there is a very clear framework. The animate level has a clear framework of instincts: everything in the animate being’s existence,

What is a crime?

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Defining crime is very problematic. In Russian, there is a saying: “Show me a person and I’ll pin a crime on them,” i.e. it is easy to prove, in a serious manner, that anyone is a criminal. We are all

Why are gang members so attached with other gang members?

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Gang members are often very tightly connected and have a feeling of devotion to each other, up to a point where they are willing to die for each other. They share a common pride, that what they are doing is

When do we consider that a person is a criminal?

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Until we completely correct our ego, where we can position ourselves to the benefit of society—which is already a degree like we never saw before anywhere in this world—then we are always criminals of sorts. We are criminals from birth.

Is Our Future Eternity?

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A student told me he had read that the famous futurist Ray Kurzweil is about to publish a new book titled The Singularity Is Nearer. Apparently, it is a development, or elaboration on ideas Kurzweil had presented in his earlier

Can Corrupting Art Save Earth?

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Since the beginning of the year, there has been a growing trend among climate activists to corrupt art history’s greatest treasures in an effort to raise awareness of climate change. So far, twelve incidents have occurred this year, six of which took

A Nation that Is Not a Nation

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A week before the general election that was held this Tuesday, the newspapers Israel Hayom and Haaretz published two separate surveys, both concluding that contrary to the common perception of Israelis as preoccupied with problems of defense and terror, they

Why do we distract ourselves?

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The question about the meaning of our lives constantly lurks underneath everything we do in life, and we distract ourselves in myriad ways in order to avoid this very question. Around a century ago and earlier, we had much clearer

Following the Israeli General Election

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Perfect timing: on the day of the Israeli parliamentary elections, we began studying Baal HaSulam’s article, “Peace in the World.” Among other things, the article speaks about the interdependence of all people and how the positive or negative actions of