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The Freedom to Love

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When your little girl or boy runs around the house, they feel no restraints or limitations. They feel free. Would it not be wonderful if we could be like that throughout our lives? Surprisingly, we can. Your children feel free

What is the real essence of spirituality? How does it change one’s life in the best possible way?

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Our inborn human nature is a desire to receive for personal benefit alone. It is written, “The inclination of man’s heart is evil from his youth” (Genesis 8:21). By nature, we wish to grab, steal and kill for our own

Victory Day – a Sad Reminder

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This past Saturday, May 7, was the day when Nazi Germany signed its official surrender to the Allies. The following day, May 8, was declared as Victory Day in Europe. The Soviet Union declared the following day, May 9, as

Our Security Depends on Our Unity

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In what is probably a record time, Israel has become a thriving country despite being surrounded by extremist countries that ‎seek only its destruction. Yet, the entire enterprise is in jeopardy because it was not built on the right foundations:

What is the meaning of attaining spirituality or spiritual satisfaction?

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Attaining spirituality means attaining a new intention that operates for the benefit of others. Such attainment gives us the ability to feel the world that is outside of us and independent of us. In other words, it lets us feel

How close are we to the end of the world?

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Since the Russia-Ukraine conflict started, more and more people are becoming depressed, feeling like they are at a dead end. There is talk about a third world war, which could be nuclear. Prices are rising, and more and more people

If We Want, We Will Have Independence

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In the short time between 1948 and today, we have built the State of Israel as a strong and prosperous country under immense pressure and constant bombardment. However, we have not achieved a state where we feel stable or safe

There Could Be Much More Light in Israel

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On the knife for cutting the Shabbat challah of Baal HaSulam—Kabbalist Rabbi Yehuda Ashlag—were engraved the words, “State of Israel.” Although the Independence Day of the State of Israel has no Kabbalistic background, the establishment of the State of Israel

Landmarks – a New Book

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After many years of learning about the spiritual meaning of the Jewish holidays ‎according to the wisdom of Kabbalah, we thought it was judicious to bind together ‎selected source excerpts on the topic from the greatest kabbalists throughout the ages,

Antisemitism in Crimson Print

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Last week, The Harvard Crimson editorial stated in its title that the university daily newspaper is “In Support of Boycott, Divest, Sanction and a Free Palestine.” Wholly adopting the narrative of the Harvard College Palestine Solidarity Committee, praising their “Keffiyeh

What is the culture of consumption?

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The culture of consumption is first and foremost in the human mind, that we do not care about what is going on as long as we get what we think is good right now. We need to understand that our

The Case for Envy

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Envy has a terrible reputation. It has been blamed for so many crimes and atrocities that we have learned to dread it. When it emerges within us, it is a burning feeling that is difficult to control and difficult to