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Trump vs. Clinton—Two Worlds That Never Meet

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Underneath the smear campaigns lies Trump’s battle to save the real economy vs. Clinton’s efforts to save Wall Street. The current US election is fundamentally different from any previous campaign. Underneath the unprecedented smear campaigns lies a chasm between worldviews

A Bird’s Eye View on the US Election

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America is a nation of fearless pioneers that has become stagnant and reactionary. Now it must become bold again. Whoever occupies the White House over the next four years will have a full plate. As an ontologist and kabbalist (the

The US Election: An Outsider’s Perspective

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America is long overdue for change. We must choose which candidate will take it through the shift successfully and safely I have been a researcher my entire life. In my younger days I was fascinated with the human body’s complicated

The Balfour Declaration: His Majesty’s Gift Was Also a Demand

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The Balfour Declaration was initiated for good reason: The people of Israel have a critical role in the history of humankind. Exactly 99 years ago, minus one day, Lord Arthur James Balfour, then Foreign Secretary of the United Kingdom and

Killing Ourselves Softly (With Political Correctness)

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Instead of stifling our differences, we must encourage people to contribute their special skills to society The current election is so nauseating that it is truly hard to bear. However, in this column, I would like to focus on a

Israel: Making Sense of a Senseless Situation

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Where I live (Israel), most everyone I know is busy trying to make sense of an insane situation. It’s not that anyone was surprised that violence has erupted once again in our tormented stretch of earth. It’s also not the

The Israeli Public’s Blissful Ignorance May Cost Us Heavily

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Eventually, the world will force us to unite. But the longer we wait, the more severely the world will punish us Recently, the Palestinians have stepped up their political war against Israel in the UN. Unlike the votes at UNESCO,

The Torah—Not What You Think It Is

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The Torah is not a book; it is a tool that expands our perception and lets us into the system that manages all of reality Most Jews experience at least some form of Torah study. If you grew up secular,

Why We Are Happy on Simchat Torah

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The High Holy Days represent the transformation process from receivers to givers. At its conclusion, on the day of Simchat Torah, we celebrate the success of the shift. Tonight we are celebrating Simchat Torah (Rejoicing with the Torah), having concluded the annual

Who’s Behind the Situation in Israel?

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Whenever the Israeli-Palestinian conflict erupts in Israel, everyone offers advice, if not active intervention. Actually, even in quieter times everyone seems to be busy with the conflict in the Middle-East. In just the last few years, hundreds of thousands of people

The Decision at UNESCO—the Beginning of the End of the State of Israel

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If we overcome our mutual hatred, we will dissolve anti-Semitism. If we stall, it will soon be too late to regret it To anyone who has been watching what is happening at the United Nations, the picture is crystal clear:

UNESCO’S Absurd Decision Reflects the World’s Honest Opinion

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Israel was not established to be a safe haven for Jews, but to foster a society that presents a desirable and sustainable alternative to a ruptured and hate-filled world. “The theater of the absurd at UNESCO goes on,” said Benjamin Netanyahu about