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The World Agrees with “The Knights of the Al-Aqsa Mosque”

According to the newspaper Haaretz.com

“The world’s largest video game streaming site has drawn ire over a new Palestinian third-person shooter depicting the killing of Israeli soldiers.” The computer game, called “The Knights of the Al-Aqsa Mosque,” is portrayed as “educational,” and the player’s only task is to kill as many Israeli soldiers as possible. The more soldiers you kill, the higher your score. Clearly, there can only be one result from “learning” through this game: the making of killing-intent children. I would be very upset about it if I didn’t know that it is actually we who are giving them the opportunity to think this way and design such games. We needn’t fight against the makers of the game, but uproot the thought of creating such games in the first place.
Tacitly, the world agrees with the Palestinians. The nations, too, want to eliminate the Israeli army, the Jewish state, and the Jews altogether. The only difference between the Palestinians and the rest of the world is that the rest of the world is not acting out its will, yet.
My words may sound harsh, or as if I’m trying to intimidate, but everyone knows they are the truth. Hatred for Israel will continue as long as the Israeli people are contemptuous of their duty to set an example of brotherhood and love of others. Until we demonstrate, through our own society, that “love your neighbor as yourself” is the rule that everyone must follow in order to have a good life and maintain a sustainable society, the hatred of the nations toward us will not subside.
It makes no difference that we are helping other countries or that we are contributing to science and medicine more than any other country. The only thing we need to do is show the world what love is, what is connection, through our own example. This is the essence of being “Israel.” Until we show them this, they will have no compassion for us. All they need from us is an example; they will do the rest.
If we set an example of brotherhood and love of others above all our differences and disagreements, they will love us. If we set the opposite example, as we do now, they will hate us, as they do today, and wish for our elimination.
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