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Polluting the Field We Live In

Tomorrow, October 13, is the UN’s International Day for Disaster Risk Reduction. This year, there have already been more disasters than we can count. Moreover, they have affected the entire world, not just third world countries or other disaster-prone areas, but every continent and virtually every country. Fires, floods, storms, earthquakes, volcanic eruptions, and one wayward virus, we’ve had the lot, and the year is far from over. Tomorrow, the UN will discuss what we can do to prevent these disasters, but it will not talk about what causes them: we, people, who pollute all of reality with our foul thoughts and intentions.

For some reason, it escapes our awareness that the multiple disasters we have experienced and are continuing to experience have a common origin. We already know that everything in reality is connected, and everything affects everything else. We also know that the only deliberate ill-will exists in humans. Why, then, is it so hard for us to see that this one inherently negative element is the origin of all that is negative in our world?

We exist in one cosmic force field, which has created the material world by connecting elements in increasingly complex compositions. Yet, of all its creations, only one has consciousness, a purpose in its actions that goes beyond the satisfaction of immediate and essential needs for survival: man.

Through our intentions for wealth, glory, and power, we have developed technology, social structures, art, religion, or in a word: civilization. However, we have created such a self-centered civilization that it is beginning to implode. Unless we begin to synchronize our intentions with the field that has created and sustains us, we will not survive. Just as the field connects everything, so must we connect. Unless we change our nature from self-serving to caring and inclusive, we will be ejected from this reality, as has happened to every element that did not coincide with the laws of creation.

It may seem as though we must go through a painful process of relinquishment of pleasures in order to coincide with nature, but this is an illusion. We will not relinquish anything; we will gain knowledge, power, understanding, security, and emotional support from everyone. We will live in a society where people care for one another.

It is truly a different world from the one we know today. If it seems as though the new world is foreboding, it is only the depiction of our ego, which refuses to relinquish its sovereignty over our minds. But for our sake, we should let it go.

If we support each other in this process, we will be able to transform our attitude. As a result, our entire reality will change and we will save ourselves and our planet. If we’re looking for a way to reduce, and even prevent disasters, this is the only way there is.

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An aerial view of a farm north of Council Bluffs, Iowa, submerged in Missouri River flood waters June 24, 2011. REUTERS/Lane Hickenbottom

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