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Human Synchronicity (The Metronome Effect)

The metronome effect provides a striking parallel to the complex tapestry of human interaction and interconnectedness. After multiple metronomes are randomly set in motion, they eventually synchronize on the same pulse.

What gives metronomes their synchronicity? It is their common foundation. Much like these pulsing devices, humanity finds itself moving in diverse directions, akin to metronomes placed on different bases. The fundamental question then arises: What foundation can unify the varied trajectories of humanity and guide us toward harmonious coexistence?

The answer is in the law of absolute interdependence. This law stipulates that every person is interconnected with others, and each action resonates with collective consequences. Accordingly, we view humanity as a global village where everyone is mutually dependent. But how do we translate such awareness into tangible behavioral change?

We cannot force a positive change of our interdependent connections. On the contrary, we need to voluntarily commit ourselves to the law of interdependence, which becomes possible when we see that negative relations in an interdependent world lead us to unbearable consequences.

Our negative attitudes to each other pave the road to a soon-approaching dead end. One way or another, we will need to undergo a shift in our attitudes to each other from negative to positive, or in other words, from egoistic and divisive to loving and caring of each other. If we fail to voluntarily embrace such a transformation, then the laws of nature, which are fundamentally altruistic laws of love, will increasingly tighten our interconnections until we feel that without changing our attitudes to each other, we will simply finish ourselves off.

The more we understand how nature operates on us and where it leads us, the more definitively we should reach the conclusion that we need to embrace a shift to positive human connections throughout humanity. The metronome effect serves as a poignant metaphor, urging us to find a common foundation and move in harmony toward a future defined by mutual consideration and love.

Based on the video “Human Synchronicity [The Metronome Effect]” with Kabbalist Dr. Michael Laitman and Semion Vinokur. Written/edited by students of Kabbalist Dr. Michael Laitman.

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