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On the Borderline

There is a reason for the apocalyptic talk that is so prevalent these days. The threat of the Russia-Ukraine war turning nuclear at the beginning of the war, the Zaporizhzhia Nuclear Power Station that has become a center-point of contention, the growing tension between China and Taiwan, with the active involvement of the US, the constant threat of North Korea to use nuclear weapons—all these and more give the uneasy feeling that the world is on the brink of disaster. There are less catastrophic, but still very painful processes, which are already underway. Inflation is soaring in the US and Europe, accompanied by recessions, and the erratic, violent climate only exacerbates the situation.

These crises are happening concurrently because we are truly on the borderline. We are heading into a new era where our previous, self-centered way of life will become obsolete.

We are shifting from the selfish era into an era of such complete connection and mutual dependence that selfish thoughts, much less selfish acts, will not be tolerated. We will have to learn to be mutually considerate, initially, and mutually caring, ultimately. We will not be able to choose not to care for others because not caring will mean not surviving.

It will not be a bad world. On the contrary, it will be a world where everyone is responsible and cares for everyone else, a world where we will not have to tend to ourselves because everyone else will do it for us. It will be a world without abuse, wars, or crime. The only crime will be inconsideration, selfishness.

I have no doubt these words seem fantastic today. Indeed, we are still far from it. However, revolutions of this kind do not happen overnight; they are a process, and we are already well into it.

The reason I am writing about this now is that we are already on the borderline. We should begin to familiarize ourselves with the concepts and rules that will govern our lives in the future because the sooner we know them, and begin to live by them, the smoother the transition will be.

If we resist the trajectory of the evolution of the world, the threatening situations we are seeing today will materialize. If we embrace these changes, they will happen smoothly and pleasantly. I hope we will choose the latter.

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Image compilation:
1) Cows who survived Hurricane Florence, stranded on a porch, surrounded by flood waters. North Carolina, USA.
2) Forest of lava trees resulting from eruption of a 1-km-line of vents east of Pu’u Kahaulea on Hawai’i Island’s Kilauea Volcano.

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