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Do People Who Go Out to Space and Look at the Earth from Afar Undergo Any Kind of Special Change?

Indeed, people who go out to space and view the Earth from afar come back differently.

By detaching from us even for a short period of time, they come back with a different opinion about how we should relate to life.

They can then no longer negatively impact others because of their newly-gained global and integral perspective of everyone and everything: that we are small creatures living on the same small planet. Accordingly, they disagree with the negative connections we have established, where we exploit and harm each other day after day.

I think that we would transform our reality and our world if we could send us all—the whole of humanity—out to space and bring us all back. Doing so would pull us out of our current perceptual bubbles, and we would gain a whole new perspective outside of these bubbles.

Then, after exiting our previous bubbles, we would understand that life could be completely different.

We would then agree to change ourselves. We would even do so against our own will because we would gain a new lens through which we would view reality.

We would then become more mature and understand that it is incredibly childish to constantly struggle with one another in our limited lives here on Earth. Such a change of perspective to a globally-inclusive view of ourselves and our world would lead us to a major change for the better.

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Based on the video “Do People Who Go Out to Space and View the Earth from Afar Undergo Any Special Kind of Change?” with Kabbalist Dr. Michael Laitman. Written/edited by students of Kabbalist Dr. Michael Laitman.

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