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Nature vs. Human Nature

One of the latest forms of weapon that superpowers are racing to develop is hypersonic missiles. China, Russia, and the US are all developing missiles that can fly at more than five times the speed of sound (more than 1 mile per second), making them very difficult to intercept. Another trend is laser guns, which can shoot down planes or blow up vehicles at almost no cost or effort, since it is basically a concentrated beam of light. The amazing thing about these developments is how science takes the natural principles that enable life and evolution and turns them into instruments of death and destruction in order to dominate and abuse other people. Human nature, it seems, is the exact opposite of nature, and in the conflict between them, everyone suffers.

In nature, everything operates in perfect harmony. Evolution is based on the process of homeostasis, which means “dynamic balance.” No being purposely destroys other beings, but only strives to sustain itself. In the struggle between nature’s elements, a dynamic balance is formed, which ensures the existence and prosperity of our universe and all that is in it.

Man, on the other hand, takes the laws of nature he discovers and seeks to use them against others. Man’s goal is not to sustain himself, but to dominate others, and for as long as possible. There is neither balance in man’s mind, nor dynamism. There is permanent self-absorption.

But since life consists of perpetual and dynamic changes, the absence of them means death. Therefore, human nature causes death, while nature generates life.

We may sign peace treaties and agree never to fight, but we will never be able to keep our word. Human nature itself will impel us to break every contract we sign as soon as we see an opportunity to gain more than our agreed share without risking prior gains.

The only solution, therefore, to establishing a world where man does not destroy his world through his ruthless, inherently evil nature, is to change human nature. We may recoil at the thought, but since nothing else works, as we can already see, we will ultimately have no choice but to agree to change the very kernel of our being.

Although everything operates harmoniously in nature, we cannot see it because we are the exact opposite of harmony. Human society is a cacophony of individuals struggling against each other for superiority. Nature, on the other hand, is a perfectly orchestrated order. If there was even an iota of harmony within us, we would see that everything around is harmonious, but us.

Our only choice, therefore, is to begin to form this harmony. We can wait until we have no other choice because we have tried every oppressive option we could think of and they all failed, or we can try now.

Harmony may sound unappealing because it does not give me superiority over everyone else, but its benefits are far beyond anything any person can achieve alone. Harmony means that everyone sustains everyone else. As a result, instead of working only for me, I work for others, and all the others work for me.

Basically, it is not very different from the way the world already operates. Inadvertently, each of us creates far more than we consume. The excess production serves everyone else. Since all of humanity operates this way, the result is that there is abundance to everyone. The reason that there are places where there is scarcity is not because there is a lack of anything in the world, but because people deny others what they need in order to use, humiliate, and dominate them. Therefore, in order to see the benefits of everyone working for everyone else, we do not need to change our perception, but our intention—to include other people, too, in my intentions, rather than only myself.

If we make a conscious, orchestrated effort to change ourselves, we will be able to do it. The results will be beyond our wildest dreams, but only if we all commit to it. As the world declines into intensifying chaos, it is becoming harder to ignore the necessity to harmonize our relationships. The only question is how long we want to fight against nature until we confess defeat and agree to change human nature.

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