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What is your review of the NGL app?

One of my students recently asked me about a phenomenon related to the NGL app: that it lets its users express their opinions anonymously, and it became a place where people curse, threaten and express themselves in the most aggressive ways possible. It is clear that by becoming anonymous, we feel freer to express our evil.

My student asked me: Are there any benefits to everyone being able to freely express their evil? The only benefit is that it leads us to recognize that we are indeed evil and that we will exploit anything we invent as a means to harm each other.

We seemingly invent something good—an app that lets people express their opinions without any policing of their thoughts—and then the evils of human nature reveal themselves. It then becomes one of many tools in our hands that advance us toward realizing the evils of our human nature, that human nature is a negative quality that wishes to benefit at the expense of others.

My student then proceeded to ask me why we are made in such a way, and why a good and loving creative force would create such evil and bad beings? It is because from such a corrupt being eventually comes good.

The good that will emerge is a state where we will all feel completely good, eternal and perfect. While we are in the egoistic evil force, we are held back from feeling the true goodness in reality, but we can reveal how we are held back in a positive way by learning and understanding how our nature works, and how it develops toward an inversion to a good and harmonious state. Doing so is similar to coming downhill in a car, with our foot on the brakes, keeping that motion gradual, otherwise we will lose control of the wheel. That is what lies ahead of us.

Based on the video “How the NGL App Reveals the Evils of Human Nature” with Kabbalist Dr. Michael Laitman and Oren Levi. Written/edited by students of Kabbalist Dr. Michael Laitman.

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