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In A Gloomy World, There Is A Way Out

If a word could embody humanity’s current feeling, that would be “uncertainty.” The whole world is losing direction, people live without foreseeing any clear future. They do not know what will happen next—tomorrow, in the coming months, in a year. From new coronavirus variants to extreme weather, everything is becoming increasingly unpredictable.

As somber as it seems, what lies beneath the confusion is nature’s good intention to open our eyes to see that our endless quest for material achievements is meaningless, futile, and that the time has come to pursue a higher and lasting fulfillment in life.

Uncertainty is evident in every field: on country leaders, in our workplace, the economy, society, within our families. We have reached a dead end. There is a sense of helplessness and despair, and no one really knows the right way forward.

We don’t know what to offer our children. Young people lack a good example to follow, and professions that they might previously have chosen may soon be irrelevant in today’s rapidly changing reality. In any case, they have no drive to spend many years in studies when nothing really shines on the horizon.

If their parents were driven to work endless hours a day to build themselves, the children no longer want to live that way. They seem to have learned the lesson and realize that there is no point in all this ceaseless pursuit of squandering their energy only to end up feeling empty.

Many young people have stopped chasing after great achievements, and are instead just looking to get by in life, to pass the time connected to gadgets and disconnected from their environment.

In general, the impulses for development that we had in the past are vanishing. We have begun to understand that there is nowhere else to go, no desire to move forward, no force driving us. This is the source of our despair, depression and helplessness. Until people begin to look for some meaning in life, expressions such as, “I am better off dead than alive” will become more frequent.
Without a clear future and goal, a person has no strength to live. We see this trend everywhere in the world to a greater or lesser extent depending on peoples’ nature or upon the conditions in their respective countries. But certainly, this is a global phenomenon.

This is the first time in history in which everyone simply doesn’t know what is happening. There is a general sense of shock. We have no idea how to control what unfolds, how to lead or be led. The importance of human, scientific, technological, and economic development achieved throughout the generations is dwindling because we now question whether everything that we have built thus far has something of real value to make us happy, fulfilled.

We have reached this tipping point for a purpose. Such a state of despair is revealed so that we will realize that we cannot come out from this maze through our own individual forces. This situation is showing us just how alienated we are from each other. If we weren’t so polarized and divided, we wouldn’t feel so lonely, uncertain, and anxious. We would be much more resilient, confident and hopeful about the future.

Therefore, what we see as a general crisis and evil is actually nature at work—the upper force which is all good—pushing us forward to correct our selfish nature and harmful relations to others, the root cause of all our predicaments.

Today we will no longer be able to manage our life successfully or survive without a method to guide us, the method of connection. It teaches us that the real meaning in our lives cannot be found in this world, in earthly short-lived matter, but only above it. We will only be able to rise to that elevated state by uniting and building a society truly founded on the basis of love of others, on mutual care and reciprocity. By this, we will be able to create the most fertile ground for a gratifying existence.

Along the way from love of oneself to love of others, our image of reality is replaced. Our senses are renewed, the mind and the heart change direction from the inside out, and an opposite world is revealed to us. We suddenly perceive a higher, wider world in perfect connection with the force that controls and balances everything in nature and reach a meaningful life and eternal fulfillment.

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