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Does Nature Respond to Human Actions?

Think of billions of cars driving with the Mobileye device, which alerts us if we come too close to another object.
The system of nature we are in functions similarly: it alerts us when we do certain actions and gives us feedback on them. So according to our participation in nature, we receive its responses.
How does this mechanism work? It works due to nature having laws.
The laws of nature operate on everyone and everything in order to develop us to the most perfect, harmonious and balanced state.
The most perfect and harmonious state is when all parts of nature enter into a harmonious connection, in balance with nature’s laws.
We receive a positive response from nature whenever our actions correspond to the state of harmonious connection that nature wishes us to reach. Likewise, we receive a negative response whenever our actions oppose the state of harmonious connection that nature wishes us to reach.
Since we are presently far from learning and influencing each other to reach harmonious human connection, then we accumulate more and more problems in our lives. The increasing problems we experience are feedback from nature that tries to tell us that we are aiming ourselves incorrectly, that in order to experience a positive response from nature, we need to direct ourselves at a harmonious and balanced connection among each other.
The sooner we apply ourselves to learning and influencing each other to positively connect, the sooner we will see our lives shift from ones of increasing suffering and emptiness to a life of more and more happiness, harmony and peace, due to our increasing congruence with nature’s laws.
Based on the video “Does Nature Respond to Human Actions?” with Kabbalist Dr. Michael Laitman. Written/edited by students of Kabbalist Dr. Michael Laitman.
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