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Yes, You Live in a Bubble- and it’s Not a Bad Thing

We all live in our own bubbles, and it is not necessarily a bad thing. Our bubbles are characterized by us feeling no desire for anything beyond them.

For instance, in my personal physical life, I barely leave my room. It is where I live and work. Sometimes I go out and travel, but only if there is a need, and I plan ahead for such occasions. There is a lot of benefit to living in such a bubble because doing so lets me feel that I have the optimal means to teach my students and create content to serve humanity.

However, living in a physical bubble does not mean that I live inside a perceptual bubble, i.e. a bubble of my connection with the world and with other people. I have my means of communication, various kinds of media, the Internet, TV, the radio, and I also have a few thousand students around the world and millions of people who regularly encounter the teachings I disseminate. Is this my bubble? Some would say that it is, even though it reaches a few million people—yet it is still a bubble.

We all live on a small planet that is floating in some universe, which is also a bubble. Everything is a bubble—our universe included. Who truly knows how many universes there are? We all live in certain bubbles, and it is natural, positive and correct to live in such a way.

Our perceptual bubbles are shaped by our characters, our natures, our outlooks on life, the way we are built on the inside and the way we perceive the world. We can see such a makeup in children, how each child has a unique perception and approach to the world, which we can do nothing about.

The Torah instructs us to raise children according to each child’s way. Therefore, we indeed each build for ourselves a certain perception of reality, which is our bubble, and out of this bubble, from this bubble, or in this bubble, we relate to everything in life. We cannot say whether it is good or bad. It is simply how we live.

The same goes for animals or for anyone who feels and responds to how the surrounding nature influences us. We live according to a certain approach and attitude of how we respond, with our inner qualities, to the surrounding nature, and we thus live in a bubble—a bubble of our relationship with the surrounding world.

We have the bubble that we live in instinctively, i.e. the bubble that nature places us into. Then, there is also a question about the extent to which we remain closed within our bubble, not wanting to come out of it, and the extent to which we devote ourselves to some ideal or goal that pushes our bubble’s boundaries.

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Based on the video “Yes, You Live in a Bubble—and it’s Not a Bad Thing” with Kabbalist Dr. Michael Laitman. Written/edited by students of Kabbalist Dr. Michael Laitman. Photo by Alfred Kenneally on Unsplash

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