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When It Is Bad in the World, It Is Bad for Israel

When something bad happens in the world, no matter what, Jews can prepare to take the blame for it. In the end it somehow always comes, so there’s nothing to be surprised about every time. Just a few days ago, the founder of a Utah tech company emailed a number of colleagues and political leaders claiming that the Covid-19 vaccine was part of a plan by “the Jews” for the “systematic extermination of billions of people.”

The CEO of the Utah tech firm Entrata, David Bateman, had to resign his position after his conspiracy theory about the pandemic as part of a Jewish plot to “consolidate all the countries in the world under a single flag with totalitarian rule” triggered condemnation.

If we examine history, we see that the Jews have always been at the epicenter of the storm when the world was busy recovering from a blow. Even though it is not politically correct to say so out loud, the prevailing opinion in humanity is that the Jews run the world and its governments with all the money they have. And when it benefits them, Jews provoke wars and organize crises all over the world—all in their own self-interest, always pulling the strings and compelling others to work for them. At times when something seems to be beyond Jewish control, it is only because they have decided to give others the deceptive feeling, the little break. Even people who have never seen Jews feel that this is how the world is run.

Our own sources explain the origin of this perception: “No calamity comes to the world but for Israel,” our sages noted long ago. They made a direct connection between the quality of relations between Jews and world peace. As it is written, “We are commanded at each generation to strengthen the unity among us so our enemies do not rule over us.” (The Book of Consciousness)

We Jews should be united, connecting with each other according to the great rule, “Love your neighbor as yourself.” Since this almost never happens, a blockage is created that hinders the flow of beneficial power into the world. At the same time, the power of evil constantly increases, and selfishness spreads. This negative balance is the cause of many problems, and much suffering is inflicted on humanity.

On the part of the great natural system, the good force in our world remains unrevealed, it stays hidden. Only through the Israeli nation can it be revealed, for we are by definition responsible for the world’s development and peace. As the Midrash Rabbah writes, “Israel bring light to the world.” (Song of Songs)

In Abraham’s time when we were properly connected, well-being flowed through us to the world, but since unfounded hatred destroyed our unity, this path has been blocked. This is why the world perceives us as the cause of all evil. Even if one does not understand how the system is structured, and even if the connection between the Jews and the resulting bad phenomena is not visible, it is instinctively clear to people that the Jews are to blame for every problem, from the life of the individual to the whole of humanity.

When will it stop? Never, unless we take action and change the quality of our relations. This is a law of nature. The negative attitude towards us will only increase until we treat each other with love and become like one man in one heart. Only in this state will the pipe that we are obstructing open its bounty, a positive force will come into the world and balance all evil. Humanity will begin to feel harmony, tranquility and serenity, and will enjoy a good life in reciprocity and reconciliation.

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