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How There May Be Good in the New Administration – Times of Israel

At first glance, it seems as though the Biden administration is going to be nothing but bad news for Israel. On the other hand, we should ask ourselves what is bad and what is good for Israel. It is clear that Biden’s administration will be inundated with Israel bashers and Israel haters, including the Jews who will serve there, and including Obama, who will be pulling the strings behind the scenes. This will truly put Israel to the test. We will have to think how we conduct ourselves within the country, among us, and toward the world.

The people of Israel do not develop well when they are pampered. In that sense, I think that the tough times ahead may be good news for us, a chance to reflect on our purpose here as individuals, as a state, and as a nation. It is an opportunity to hone and cultivate our most valuable, if not only asset: unity.

I have no doubt that in the end, we will draw the right conclusions and become what we were meant to be: a beacon of unity, a role model society that sets an example of successful relationships, and people and nations will want to learn from us. The only questions are how long it will take and how much pain it will cost to get to this idyllic state.

We cannot stop the engine of evolution; it is pressing onward to bring us together and open our eyes and minds to the truth of our connectedness. There is great bliss and wondrous insights in being connected to all of reality, but it requires a yielding of the individual ego. This is something that is very hard to do.

When the ego becomes obstinate, it needs a “nudge” from behind. In the case of Jews, it is antisemitism, which reminds them they have to unite. In the case of the State of Israel, it is both antisemites and Israel bashers. In the end, these critics and haters are doing a great service: They are forcing us to reinstate our forgotten unity. However, would it not be better if we united under milder pressure?

The important point is that we acknowledge our disunity, the vitality of unity to our survival, and that unity is the example we must set to the world, to be “as one man with one heart.” This is the key point we must remember, and it’s not a question of whether we have an Obama votary president in the White House or the most favorable American leader in Israel’s history.

If we, the people of Israel, do what we must do, it will not matter who is occupying the White House. If we unite and set the right example, we will do good to the world regardless of external ill-intentions.

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