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Trumps Trade War Hits Global Politics’ Reset Button

Sticking to his Buy American, Hire American motto, President Trump continues his trade war against the world. Not just against those he defines as economic enemies such as China, but also against countries who were considered longtime allies and loyal partners such as Canada. Mexico and the European countries are the most recent to find themselves in economic conflicts with Trump and his tariffs.

While Trump’s goal is to bring back American production and American jobs, the effects of his actions ripple throughout the global landscape.

Firstly, our world is in a developing crisis, and various interconnections being forged by powerful global players who shape the world’s economy, politics and media only deepen the crisis, as they are all driven by the human ego, seeking to maximize personal gain. When Trump weakens such global connections, he is helping preventing the crisis from spiraling out of control.

In other words, ruling elites are attempting to lock in their financial control by making various international trade agreements, which ultimately strip the people of the world from their wealth. They create the facade of economic progress in some developing countries, but in reality, most of the profits go to the elites, and most of the burden falls on the masses.

Trump’s moves, while aiming to safeguard America’s competitive edge, represent an opposite approach to global affairs, tearing down international connections or preventing them from strengthening.

Therefore, while many analysts typically claim that Trump is creating tension and conflicts, he actually stands in the way of global players who further global instability.

Additionally, with every passing day, the world is becoming more globally interdependent. Whether we like it or not, it will necessitate a new basis for connection between people and countries, a new model by which human society can organize itself.

Trump plays an interesting role in this social evolution. He is helping global politics go through a reset stage. His direct and vulgar character is contrary to the politics we’re used to, and thus helps take the air out of ideological bubbles that were fueled by the politically correct mentality. As a result, Mr. Trump is stifling the use of empty words and promotion of so-called values by politicians as their ticket to power.

What’s more, his pragmatic, business-oriented approach, pushing aside mannerisms and focusing on getting the best deal, makes the other countries revert to a simple and direct give-and-take mode of behavior. That is, countries are becoming more focused on what they give to and receive from each other. This helps the global reset needed to form new connections in the future.

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