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Kim Trump Summit: Dealmaker Meets Dictator

Trump’s interest in meeting Kim Jong-un is obvious: if he becomes the one to denuclearize North Korea, it will be an unprecedented achievement for America, for the world, and for Trump himself, who will be remembered in the history books.

Coming straight from the G7 summit in Canada, Trump will carry on with the same approach: positioning himself for getting the best deal possible. But will it work with the young dictator with whom he mostly traded insults so far? “Within the first minute, I’ll know,” said the businessman turned U.S. president.

At the time of writing these lines, no one knows what will come out of the historical summit. But certainly, Trump intends to get Kim to consider denuclearization in exchange for diplomatic recognition and some economic package. He will aim to put Kim — whose country is desperate for economic relief — in a rational give-and-take mode of behavior.

In fact, Trump probably already has plans for how to get Asian and European countries to help write a check for Mr. Kim.

But it should come as no surprise that Trump will become the first sitting U.S. president to meet with a North Korean leader. It fits his habit of shaking up the status quo and countering the existing global order. Just take look at the photo from the recent G7 summit, which does a good job of capturing the “World vs. Trump” dynamic.

Trump is a relentless business pragmatist in a position to move the world’s leaders into a direct give-and-take relationship. By putting American interests first, his moves are tearing down international agreements between powerful global players. And by doing it in his non-politically correct way, he is bursting ideological bubbles and facades that became the norm in international relations many decades ago.

That being said, Trump doesn’t necessarily understand the epic turning point that human society is now facing, all the more so the unique role he himself plays in it. In truth, most of us can’t conceive of the momentous transformation that the world is now going through.

Every day, human society is becoming more interdependent across the globe. And as this reality becomes more evident, the fallacies of the modern world become evident as well. Thus, we gradually come to recognize that humanity needs a new operating system by which to run its programs and synchronize relationships between people and countries.

But first, we have to reset the current operating system — and Trump is hitting that button.

Lastly, as I have expressed before, when I comment on Trump-related matters, his popularity or lack of thereof is irrelevant to me. I don’t take my cues from mainstream media or what people say, nor do I pick any side in favor or against Trump or anyone else.

Rather, I explain the world through the lens of the wisdom of Kabbalah, which sheds light on the fundamental laws of nature that shape the global and collective development of humanity.

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