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Trump Must Focus on American Unity First

For anyone not in President Trump’s closest circle, it is hard to figure out where the White House is going. I was very supportive of Trump even before he won the Republican primaries, but currently, it’s hard to see where his presidency is headed.

Soon after the inauguration, I warned that the Republican, conservative silent majority of the American public has been silent for too long and that it could erupt in unpredictable ways unless Trump begins to implement his America First plan and strives toward uniting all factions of American society. The events in Charlottesville may be the beginning of what I feared would happen unless he takes immediate action in this direction.

The presence of an “outsider” like Donald Trump within the American political system galvanizes many radical forces on both sides of the political map. Neo-Nazis are no worse than Antifa fascist militants; both are hazards to society. Now that blood has been drawn, there is no telling how far and how fast matters will deteriorate.

In May, when President Trump visited Israel, I published an open letter in the local media urging him to focus on home affairs because I felt that the American ship was veering off course. Now the country seems more like a rudderless ship than a world leader, and the executives quitting the CEO councils seem more as though they are jumping ship than protesting the president’s response to the racist violence in Charlottesville.

President Trump’s credo, that American interests should come first, is at odds with the view of Wall Street financiers and their minions, the liberal Democrats, who are devout globalists. Since these globalists control the majority of American media, it seems as though everyone is against the president. But Trump’s first commitment is to the American people. He was elected to protect and promote the interests of his country, and this is what he should do. This will earn him the public’s trust regardless of the image that the majority of media outlets are trying to portray.

Therefore, in my opinion, the first thing that Trump should do is adopt a more appeasing tone toward all Americans. Next, he should begin to place emphasis on American society rather than on foreign affairs.

Without some form of countrywide solidarity, the country will disintegrate. When I first wrote about this concept, it was easier to implement, but few thought it was imperative. Now that it is evidently required, it is much harder to do. Nevertheless, there are no alternatives.

Once the president has reprioritized America’s affairs, he should start implementing educational programs for adults and students that promote solidarity and social cohesion countrywide. You cannot expect hatred to wane by itself, so you need to make it look irrelevant. Americans excel at creating trends. Isn’t it time to make friendly trendy?

We can already see that the government initiative to legalize drugs has not been the sedative authorities had hoped it would be. As extremism rises, the only soporific “substance” that will work is awareness that America belongs to all Americans, and that Americans must care for the well-being of their countryfolk before they care about anything and anyone else.

Malls are emptying by the thousands; brick-and-mortar shops are closing all over the country; people are losing their jobs and losing their hopes. But there is plenty of wealth in America to provide for everyone, if the country wishes to do so.

I already noted that the idea of basic income for all will wreak havoc in society unless it is contingent upon participating in “unity trainings.” Why not make other benefits contingent upon this, too?

The real estate vacancies that are appearing all over the U.S. can easily become venues where people attend unity trainings. The fast and affordable internet allows for classes to be given online with a handful of instructors training millions of people. Such an initiative will cost nearly nothing, and the government and municipal resources it will save on reduced violence, substance abuse related crimes, domestic crises, and healthcare related costs will make it the most lucrative government program ever initiated.

But time is running out. Unless the White House pushes this American Unity First program, it will soon be too late to escape a complete national meltdown.

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