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Impeachment of the System

President Trump’s second impeachment is not just his own. It marks the collapse of the entire system, a collapse of the constitution. There needs to be a whole revision here, a rebuilding of the system. Very soon, it will become unmistakably clear that everything is falling apart—the business world, the whole economy, the entire monetary system, the society, the judicial system, policy making, everything will fall apart. America will have to close down everything, clean it all up, and rebuild itself from scratch.

I have no doubt that the current domination of the Left will only strengthen the Right. Although currently, the Left seems much more intimidating, and people are afraid to speak their minds, the result will be a general system collapse, and it will begin precisely with the Left.

What we are seeing now in America is what we saw in Soviet Russia. In the end, everything becomes corrupt, rotten to the core, and everything falls apart. When institutions become dysfunctional, when ties among the various parts of society disintegrate beyond repair, everything crumbles.

And what is happening in America will happen elsewhere. These historic events will catalyze dramatic changes the world over. Humanity is quickly approaching a point of reckoning, when people understand that they cannot keep going the way they have been going for so long, thinking only about themselves. Capitalism will not work, and neither will socialism or communism.

The solution will not come through choosing a different ideological path, but through an overall collapse that will impel people to realize that they are hopelessly dependent on each other. This will force people to construct systems that, for the first time in history, will truly cater to everyone’s needs, rather than only to those in positions of power.

We are going into a new era, a new generation when people understand that if they let their egos rule, they will destroy the world, so they fight not against each other but against their own egos. It will be a generation when we don’t have to work so much for our living, but we have to work a whole lot on our connections. In the coming years, people will spend more time fixing and improving their social relations than on their regular jobs; this will be the new necessity.

Only when we focus on our relations, we will be able to “inaugurate” the new system—the social system of government, which will be neither socialistic nor capitalistic, but a social-economic system whose indices measure social connections, whose GDP measures expressions of solidarity, and whose currency is contribution to the community, city, state, and country.

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