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Work in the COVID-19 Era

When we think of work, we usually think of making (lots of) money, career, and social status. All of these motivations are selfish, and the coronavirus has revoked them and sent those who chase them to be locked down. At the same time, those who do unselfish work, people whose job is beneficial to society, are working more than ever. They are regarded as essential!

That should tell us something about work in the COVID-19 era: If you’re helping others, you are needed and welcome; if you’re not helping others, #StayHome and stay out of the way.

It is a completely opposite mindset to the one we grew up on, but it’s become the reality of our lives. The state has enough storage and enough production power to see to everyone’s staples. But if you want to do more in life than eat, sleep, and watch Netflix, if you want to be somebody, learn to be someone who cares. In the new world, only people who help others will have jobs. The rest will just pass the time aimlessly until they’re gone.

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