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Why We Are Stoic about Two Million Covid Fatalities

Over the past year, some two million people have died of the coronavirus disease. Yet, how alarmed are we? Let’s face it; we’re not. We’re terribly anxious over the shutting down of businesses, movie theatres, sports arenas, schools, and other such deprivations of entertainment and engagement, but what about the two million victims of the virus? We’re quite stoic about it.

Indeed, if you consider the global population, two million fatalities from Covid-19 is not a lot. We treat it like a natural phenomenon, a case of force majeure so to speak, so we are pretty calm about it.
But there is a bigger problem here: We are oblivious to the purpose of the plague, and because of it, we are already brewing the next blow, which will be more painful and more widespread than even the coronavirus. If all we care about is not being able to go to bars and movies, then we are bringing on ourselves a worse disaster than the virus, something that will force us to look for the root of these catastrophes, and not pin our hopes on vaccines that are only good until the next, resistant mutation comes along.

The root cause of the plague is our corrupt relations toward each other. These relations aren’t just smashing the fabric of society, as we are seeing now all over the US. Exploitation and ill-will are destroying the fabric of our entire world. They are deleterious to our society, to our planet, to our health, and to all animal species. They prevent us from cooperating for the benefit of all of humanity; they do not let us work shoulder to shoulder to save our planet. The distrust does not let us mend the wounds of our society, which leads to violence, aggression, bigotry, poverty, depression, substance abuse, and wars.

Our mistreatment of each other causes us to mistreat everything around us: the soil, the water, the air, plants, animals, and people. All of them suffer because we hate each other, and they react accordingly. This is why storms are growing more intense, fires more widespread and common, and plagues spread faster and appear sooner than ever before. The message from all of them is clear: Fix your relations or your relations will destroy you.

We haven’t the prerogative to be stoic about Covid-19’s victims because doing so destroys our future. If we correct our relations, it will calm the ordeals that I just mentioned and we will find peace, and peace of mind. Otherwise, we’re in for a very bad year, and an even worse decade.

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