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Where We Are Going with COVID in the Driver Seat

It is now the height of summer and COVID is still spreading ever faster. In a couple of months, as temperatures cool, it will spread even faster. This will not be another flu season; it’ll wear us out.
At the moment, governments can still execute relief programs, but they are bleeding cash fast and soon there won’t be any left. When that happens, we’ll regret having burnt it on saving hopeless businesses, but those businesses will be gone for good, as will the money, and we will have to get back to the basics.

This, according to the wisdom of Kabbalah, is the whole idea of COVID-19: It’s scratching out the previous century and sending us back to the basics: Get what you need and be thankful you got it.
But it’s not going to keep us there. We can produce much more than we need, but we keep it to ourselves so it gets stuck and goes nowhere, people go hungry and manufacturers go bankrupt. COVID will teach us to produce only what is needed and see that everyone gets it. Then things will run smoothly.

At first, we will do it because it will be the only way to survive. But once the system begins to run, we will realize that this is a much more rewarding way to live. Machines will do the vast majority of all the work humanity needs for its sustenance, and people will be free to socialize. Gradually we will realize that the reason for our illness, all illnesses, as a matter of fact, is our negative connections.

With so much ill-will and bad thoughts about each other, it was impossible to build a sustainable civilization, so the coronavirus came along and forced us to reboot the system. If we insist on running it again the way it was, it won’t work. If we accept the situation, even if involuntarily, and follow COVID’s dictate to see that everyone gets the basics they need and we spend our time connecting with each other, everything will work and the virus will not affect us.

The vaccine we need is social cohesion. A medical vaccine might also work for a while, but soon after, another virus will come along that will be more violent and fast-spreading than the coronavirus, so why not go for the ultimate solution to begin with?

As a kabbalist, I understand that human nature resists a solution that entails caring for other people. But in caring, we discover the actual world we live in. We reveal the vast reality that is all connected and learn to work within it harmoniously. Only when we care for others can we find true happiness as we learn to live in unison with everything around us.

COVID might hurt, but it’s only because we are obstinate and don’t want to learn what is for our benefit. As we can see, the path of selfishness and self-entitlement has been knocked out. We can rise up on the path of connection, or stay down in our egos and be beaten until we are convinced.

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