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What to Do When You Don’t Know What to Do

On one hand, it seems like the first wave of COVID-19 is over in many countries. Most countries, even where it is still spreading, are beginning to reopen their economies and resume public life. Is it safe? Most likely not. But what do you do when you have mouths to feed and bills to pay? People need to make a living. Will reopening the economy cost lives?

Most likely yes. But what will it cost not to reopen it?

The problem is that we can’t find the right answer because we have no solidarity. We don’t think like one, united humanity, or even one united nation. Instead, we cater to the interests of pressure groups, politicians, and tycoons. None of them have the public’s interest in mind.

To find what is best for all the people, we first have to realize, truly, deep inside, that we are all dependent on one another. The days of capitalism and senseless competition are over, we just don’t realize it yet. The spreading of the virus all over the world marks a new era, when all of humanity is bound together. Today you cannot leave one person unattended, since that person will infect all of humanity.

Soon, we will realize that this is true not just of COVID-19, but of every aspect of our lives. The virus simply brought up this fact, but the sooner we realize that you can no longer leave a single person uncared for in any respect, the sooner we will all be cured of this virus, and any other virus that is already in the pipeline.

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