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How will the coronavirus affect modern culture?

The coronavirus has reeled in a new time with many changes, and those changes will require a new form of culture as well.

As the coronavirus period with its social distancing and stay-at-home orders made us reexamine what is essential and nonessential in life, emphasizing how we can secure what is essential and have to put aside the nonessential aspects of life, likewise our culture will undergo a major rearrangement.

I expect a future for culture where, for instance, stars who rose to social media fame through portrayals of good looks and lavishness will lose their fame as people in general will seek more meaningful interactions.

I also see a future where leading cultural figures will be prime examples of people who contribute immensely to society and who uphold values of unity above division.

Artists, musicians, writers and media creators across the board will create items that primarily aim to enliven and inspire unity among human society.

Monetary incentives to create art, film and music will lessen, but social incentives will increase, and cultural figures will enjoy much more fruitful and happier social lives than they currently do.

In short, a new culture would ultimately fit into a new paradigm shift where we re-prioritize benefiting others over benefiting ourselves. Instead of a culture of creators who seek to primarily fulfill their personal interests, we would see a new culture blossom, which would soak everyone into a positive unifying atmosphere.

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