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The War We Are All Fighting for Humanity

Long lines of vehicles waiting for hours to get a box of supplies from drive-in food distribution centers has become a common scene across America.

COVID-19 is underscoring deep social imbalances and inequalities to the point that hunger may kill more people worldwide than the pandemic itself by the end of this year, according to a U.N. forecast. The situation is similar to a war, but the enemy we are fighting is not only economic; it is a war to establish what should be the highest value and the pillar of any society: mutual responsibility and care for one another.

Trillions in stimulus packages have been injected into the U.S. economy, as in other major developed countries, yet many people are still out of work and without the means to put food on the family table. U.N. data shows that more than 5 million Americans (2% of the country’s population) cannot afford a basic healthy diet that could prevent malnutrition.

And like most of our current challenges, the food crisis is global. The number of people drastically impacted by food insecurity is expected to double to 270 million worldwide by the end of 2020, according to charity organizations.

Suddenly, entire communities have been left without the basic needs for life because of the pandemic, and the security they had in life has slipped between their fingers. At the same time, there is a growing tendency among people to help one another and give each other a hand, because they no longer believe (and righteously so) that either the upper classes or the leaders will come to their rescue.

Even if someone has no more to offer to another than a desire to help, this already affects the overall situation for the better. Mutual concern sweetens the bitterness of life. In fact, we have reached a time when we are realizing that we can expect nothing from anyone except ourselves.

So, if we come to terms with the fact that only we can help ourselves, this will already be a meaningful step in the right direction. We can tackle our problems only through a correct connection between us. If we become aware of it, we will be on a safe path for sure. By learning to put that connection into practice we can ensure that we will reach our desired destination successfully.

Defeating the Ego, the Enemy Between Us

We must strive to unite, not only to get out of the difficult situation we face, but to truly become “as one man with one heart.”

Why? Because everything that happens in the global system of nature is driven according to the level of beneficial integral connection between its parts. The more we connect with each other, the more we will harmonize ourselves with the general force that operates the system according to the law of mutual guarantee.

In fact, all the problems that arise do so to push us closer and closer toward a state of ultimate unification. When humanity reaches such a state of existence, we will no longer suffer from struggles over control, respect, domination or hunger. When we finally reach that state, happiness and the means to exist will no longer come at the expense of others.

We should clearly understand that distributing food and medicine — generally helping each other on the material level only — will still not be enough to correct our imbalances and disparities.

We need to realize that as far as nature is concerned, humanity is one single system. Therefore, we must rise above all forms of hatred and mutual rejection, above our egoistic approach that constantly tears us apart and distances us from one another. It is vital that we try to get closer to each other internally, heart-to-heart, and evaluate the intention behind all our actions.

We have the opportunity to make this connection real today, and we must know that nature is deliberately provoking us with these uncomfortable situations like the coronavirus pandemic and other problems to push us to make this move: the unification of humanity.

Thus, only the fight against the divisions between us will bring the long awaited victory of unity, abundance, and a brighter future.

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