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If the Coronavirus Has a 95% Recovery Rate, Then What’s With All the Hype?

Indeed, humanity has experienced many pandemics, but nothing has ever received such a global response as we see today with the coronavirus.

The globality of the coronavirus is its uniqueness.

Many millions of people die from viruses and other diseases every year. What then is the big deal with the coronavirus?

I think that it is not about the health aspect of the virus as much as it is about humanity’s reevaluation of itself.

We have no feeling of this reevaluation taking place, but this is ultimately behind our reaction to this crisis.

There is a new sense of globality around humanity today that has never existed before, and this is why our response to the coronavirus is particularly unique.

Kabbalists over the generations have pointed to our generation as the one where we would have such a sensation, and they connect it to the entrance into a new era of human connection.

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