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Can Something Like the Coronavirus Be the End of the World?

No. There is no end of the world. Matter continually changes and upgrades, never dying.

The coronavirus, as well as other epidemics, natural disasters, and literally any form that appears negative toward us from nature, surfaces in order to ultimately bring us closer to nature.

We might think that it is absurd, because how could a problem that kills and makes so many people sick bring us closer to nature?

Nature is an interconnected and interdependent system that relates to all of its parts—the still, vegetative, animate and human—as a single whole. It does not relate to our physical bodies, but to what makes us human: our attitudes to each other.

Letting our attitudes to each other remain egoistic and self-centered, focused only on benefiting ourselves at the expense of other people and nature, awakens a negative response from nature. Blows from nature come ultimately in order to wake us up to the need to change our egoistic attitude to an attitude that is balanced with nature.

If we relate to nature’s feedback—seemingly negative phenomena as the coronavirus and myriad other blows that we endure—as a complete interconnected and interdependent system wanting and trying to bring us into balance with itself, then our correct response would be to merge our attitudes to each other in order to match nature’s integrality.

In other words, our correct response to blows from nature, especially the coronavirus, is to seek how we can better relate to one another, in order to become more unified and reach balance with nature.

Therefore, especially while we are under social distancing conditions brought upon us with the coronavirus, we would use these conditions ideally if we undertook a self-scrutiny, to reach the realization of how the coronavirus crisis came to us as a response to our imbalance with nature, and also to seek how we could use the time when we are isolated from each other in order to become more united and balanced with nature.

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