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Humanity Restructured

A war in Europe that is lasting longer than anyone expected, and whose end is nowhere in sight, a virus that mutates and easily outsmarts scientists, seemingly unstoppable inflation, supply chains incorrigibly broken, and other worldwide crises are pounding humanity. But the blows do more than pain us; they are restructuring the world. They are leading the entire planet—minerals, plants, animals, and people—toward a state of harmony and balance that is happening even though humanity is desperately trying to avoid it. It is a very special phase that we are going through. A new, peaceful and harmonious state is emerging, and it is painful only because we are resisting it, because we want to call the shots even when our decisions work against us.

Everything that happens in the world today is pointing to a clear and simple fact: We have no idea what is going on. We have no idea why things are happening, how to make them work to our benefit, and how to secure our future and the future of our planet.

The climate crisis, economic downturn, and unceasing international violence are symptoms of a broken system. And the system is broken because we refuse to recognize and act according to one simple fact: For better or worse, we are connected to each other and dependent on each other. Therefore, we must work for each other rather than against each other.

The global crises show us that alone, we will not be able to solve any problem. Gradually, through pain, they will teach us that we must learn to work together. This will be the beginning of the restructuring of the world.

Nature will leave us with only two options: teach ourselves to cooperate, or let nature teach us that, as it is doing now. The former is painless and quick; the latter is the current path—filled with turmoil and torment.

Take the virus, for example. If we worked together around the world, we would long be free of it. Since we refuse, it keeps spreading and defeating our efforts. Or, take the food shortage. It is bogus; there is no scarcity of food. Humanity produces far more than it consumes. Since we distribute it unevenly, parts of the world are oversupplied, others are starving, and the surplus food is thrown away and pollutes the planet. It is strictly a manmade crisis that should not be happening.

As it is with food and healthcare, so it is with access to education, housing, economic development, and every other area of human engagement. Add to this the endless arms-race, and you have a recipe for endless poverty, misery, frustration, and ultimately violence.

Now that things have gone too far, the crisis is reaching everyone. This is nature’s way of saying that unless we work together, no one will succeed. No country can prosper irrespective of other countries. Every country is dependent on the global markets—on raw materials from other countries, on products manufactured abroad, and on foods it cannot produce itself.

When the struggle to outdo other countries reaches a certain threshold, the damage we do to others begins to return to us. At that point, a global breakdown occurs. This is what is happening today.

We can keep fighting one another and make our lives increasingly, and eventually unbearably hard, or we can stop fighting one another and make everyone’s life easy and safe. In the end, we will choose the latter, because no one wants to suffer. The only question is how long it will take us and at what cost.

Restructuring humanity is not an option, but we can choose between the quick and easy way, or the long and painful one. Currently, we’re clearly on the latter.

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