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Covid, What Now?

You can feel it in the air, you talk about it with your friends, the coronavirus is on the wane. Although there are still cases of infection in the world, one after another, countries are lifting restrictions, removing mask mandates, and allowing air travel.

Ministries of Health have updated morbidity data and report continuing declines in all indices, including morbidity rates and hospital capacity. To some degree, the current Omicron burden is under control. It appears that the fifth wave is coming to an end and we will literally be able to breathe again in a few weeks.

Whether the coronavirus subsides completely or not, we are not likely to get rid of nature’s blows so easily. Because if it is not this strain, then another strain, or new problems will appear that we did not anticipate. After all, how can we live without nature’s help?

Not that I wish for sickness and suffering, but as long as we have not implemented what the laws of nature require of us as a human society, we will not be free from problems, we will not be truly free from various limitations.

The current plague and every crisis we know are nature’s reaction to individualism, which cuts the bonds between us and does not allow us to merge in harmony with all parts of nature: other people, animals, plants, and the inanimate matter. Therefore, nature will continue to give us another blow, after blow, to bring us back to the right path.

I cannot ignore the good things that Covid has given us. We have become accustomed to living more at home, spending time with family, doing things together, and not running to different attractions in the world, but learning online and discovering the beauty in the simple things available around us.

The coronavirus has trimmed the superfluous fat of human society; there are fewer unnecessary businesses, less pointless “culture”, less absurd waste, and less pollution. It has taught us to live without going wild. And now, even if it is dwindling with some speed, we must continue the line of change it started and extend the work toward a good and balanced life by our own volition.

First of all, we must provide better education for our children, raise awareness of our human nature, the nature of the world, and the desired connections between them. Secondly, we need to see how we can create the necessary conditions for every person and every family, how we can provide for vital food supplies, and how we can prepare for the looming climate crisis and another series of diseases.

We have been so busy dealing with the Covid pandemic, now we need to put community recovery at the top of our priorities. We must use the breathing space to heal the real disease discovered in society and mend the relationships between us in all aspects of life.

The truth is that it is important to solve our problems together before we take care of all that we have neglected over the years. That in itself is half the remedy. The problem is the lack of good human connection between us; it is the natural disconnect that gnaws at us. If we only deal with the basic and necessary things that we need to settle now, we will probably find that the most important thing is the amicable connection between people and a sense of brotherhood and solidarity. In a close spiritual connection between us, new life is revealed, and when we come closer to each other, we really rise to a new level of existence.

The conditions for fundamental social change are perfect now. In many cases, we no longer have to work physically, spend money as if there is no tomorrow, or even leave the house. With calm and prudent steps, with deliberate and stable thinking, we can transform our lifestyle without experiencing tragic situations. The fatigue, weakness, exhaustion, and burnout that we generally experience now are also to our advantage. They invite us to mobilize more inner forces than the outward connections between us, spiritual forces that will help us to create a happy, satisfying life for ourselves.

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People walk past a COVID-19 testing sign during the coronavirus disease (COVID-19) pandemic in the Manhattan borough of New York City, New York, U.S., January 20, 2022. REUTERS/Carlo Allegri

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