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Covid- a Catalyst for Social Change

While everyone is rushing to get vaccinated, or, alternatively, declaring that the vaccines are a government scheme against the people, we seem to be ignoring something very important: why the virus showed up in the first place. Until we answer this question, we will not be rid of it, no matter how efficient the vaccines may proclaim to be.

Even though the coronavirus seems like a regular virus, it is much more than that. The virus changes our thoughts and desires, relationships among people and countries, and it does this all over the world. Covid-19 is a multilayered illness; it should not only teach us that we must wash our hands and wear masks. Rather, its main goal is to teach us how to relate to our lives.

That is, it should teach us not only how we should relate to one another, but how we should relate to life as a whole, to the essence of life and its purpose! For this reason, Covid will not go away just like that. It will mutate and modify itself until it completely exhausts us, until we consent to changing all of our social systems, until we see the intention behind its appearance: to transform human relations.

Indeed, SARS-CoV-2, aka the “coronavirus,” will wear us down until we seek the only remedy that can truly cure it. This remedy has nothing to do with biological innovations, and everything to do with emotional transformations. The remedy for SARS-CoV-2 is to learn to love one another, but truly, genuinely so. This remedy, as bizarre as it may sound, is the cure not only for Covid-19, but to all our ailments, Covid included, and until we uproot the cause, we will not extinguish the offshoot, namely the virus.

Note how Covid first set us apart, put us in closures, and forced us to eliminate our poisonous relations at schools, workplaces, competitive sports games, the industry, and every place where we compete against each other instead of helping one another. When we tried to oppose it, reopen the economy, and renew our social ties, Covid got worse and started affecting younger and younger people, with worsening consequences as it moved from the lungs to the blood, and from the blood to the brain, all while becoming even more contagious than before. At the same time, Covid also separated family members, making the pain of separation even more excruciating so as to force us to rethink our connections with people on every level.

The virus will not let up until we revamp all of our connections, on all levels. Until we learn how to treat one another with care and consideration, how to build communities where people feel safe and welcome, how to build societies that do not exploit the weak and vulnerable, how to embrace diversity instead of shunning anyone who thinks outside the main voice on the media, until we learn all that, Covid will not let us lead a normal life.

Knowing why Covid is here and complying with its injunction is our only way out of the pandemic. As long as we keep trying to twist and turn to sneak out of its grip, the virus will only tighten its chokehold. As soon as we surrender and accept that we must care for one another, it will let go at once.

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