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What’s Your Opinion of the Controversy over Proposed Judicial Reforms in Israel?

They have ignited significant unrest in Israeli society.
Israelis from all walks of life are either denouncing or supporting the reform. Its critics argue that it will destroy Israel’s democracy and make it vulnerable to the whims of politicians. Its proponents claim that it will restore equilibrium to Israeli democracy, which they believe was disrupted by the Supreme Court’s overreaching powers, such as the ability to revoke laws or appoint new judges.
The current protests against these reforms have escalated so much that prominent figures in Israeli society have been discussing the possibility of a civil war. Some have gone so far as to explicitly call for the murder of Prime Minister Netanyahu, Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Justice Yariv Levin, and the entire cabinet, to reinstate democracy.
Throughout our history, we have been known as a stubborn people, holding strong opinions and believing that only our perspectives hold value. There have been instances when we took this belief to the extreme, from deeming those who disagreed with us as unworthy of living to engaging in brutal civil wars. And it appears as if we are on a similar trajectory today.
Democracy does not benefit such people. Democracy is for people who trust that general policy decisions are made through voting. If more people favor one policy over another, the parties supporting that popular policy will arise victorious in the elections. This grants them no right to mistreat the minority, but it empowers them and imposes an obligation to put the policy for which they were elected into practice.
If we view democracy as valid solely when the views we support are in power, then we are not truly democratic but rather disguised tyrants.
It pains me to witness Israel’s current state of affairs. While the rest of the world is advancing and learning, we find ourselves entangled in power struggles that will bring our nation to its knees.
Taking into account our violent history marked by internal conflicts, then it might be preferable for us to disperse and to dissolve the nation. I do not know what the upper force has in store for us, but if the choice is between dissolution and civil war, I would opt for the former.
Yet there is a third alternative.
Our people have always been stubborn, haughty, and strong-minded. If we were to disband now and regroup later, we would still face each other in disagreements, much like we do today. We possess this deeply-ingrained characteristic because our ancestors had such traits. Since they were that way, they understood that their only chance for success was to set aside their egos and unite, especially with their dissenters. That is, they faced a clear-cut choice: unite or die. Today, we find ourselves approaching that critical juncture once more.
In the past, when our ancestors chose unity, we not only became a nation but also served as a model for the world. We demonstrated that despite our mutual aversion, uniting above hatred would create an unbreakable bond capable of overcoming any obstacle. The strength of such a united nation was insurmountable.
For the time being, however, I see hostilities flaring and no one ready to even have a dialog, let alone unite. However, as long as we have yet to trigger violence, there remains hope that we will come to our senses before we sink the ship we are sailing on.
Based on the article “The Judicial War May Devolve into a Civil War” by Kabbalist Dr. Michael Laitman. Written/edited by students of Kabbalist Dr. Michael Laitman.
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