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What Should We Pray For?

We just held our World Kabbalah Convention where thousands of students and friends gathered worldwide in person in several locations—from Australia to Ukraine, Georgia to Germany, and Argentina to Israel, among many others—and also virtually, to study, connect and delve deeper into the convention’s topic, “Everything Is Obtained by the Power of Prayer.”

We chose this topic because nothing can influence humanity’s destiny like the power of prayer.

We learned what our prayer should comprise in order to receive an optimal response, that it should be aimed at reaching a state of wholeness.

We can understand it quite easily as follows: there are two desires in reality, reception and bestowal. By aiming our prayer in a direction of everyone’s harmonious connection, then reality’s guiding force of love, bestowal and connection, which Kabbalists call “the Creator,” will help us. The return to humanity’s state of wholeness is a state that Kabbalists call “as one man with one heart,” our primordial state as our single soul.

This soul underwent a shattering and a descent from its wholeness, which gave rise to our perception of an incomplete, fragmented and transient reality. In order to rise to the state of our single soul before the shattering, we need to undergo a correction of our perception of reality, and the means to do so is through a request—a prayer.

What does that request consist of?

It is us feeling a lack of a complete connection “as one man with one heart,” to feel no difference between people, countries, nations and various other partitions that our ego places between us. Simply put, it is the feeling of a need to be together above the ego’s boundaries in order to give ourselves an increasingly precise opportunity to bring ourselves closer to each other. By doing so, we come to the state of “as one man with one heart,” our connection as a single soul, feeling ourselves as belonging and acting in the spiritual world.

We went through several states at the convention, states of joy from such an immense global connection, as well as states of feeling how the upper light (the force of love and bestowal) acted on us, mixing us together like a salad. However, there was ultimately a feeling that thousands of people around the world acted in a direction to a single goal of harmoniously connecting “as one man with one heart,” with a readiness to connect and feel together above all differences.

If we continue investing in that direction, we will attain the feeling of our complete connection, the laws of the spiritual world, and the perception of how the world is one for everyone. It is my hope that we will come to this sensation soon.

At the close of this wondrous convention, the time has come to thank the Creator for this amazing opportunity, to thank everyone who invested their hearts into the event, and of course, to invite everyone who wishes to be a part of this immense connection experience to participate in our future conventions.

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