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What Makes You Hate People’s Ego?

A major problem with today’s world is that everyone blames everyone else.
If we, however, view ourselves as living in a completely interconnected and interdependent system, then everyone in that system is to blame: no one is right or wrong. If there is evil in the world, it is an outcome of every one of us.
Imagine that we are all cogwheels of the same machine. No single cogwheel can escape reward and punishment, because they are all connected to each other and mutually dependent. In such a setup, we cannot say that someone must turn or force others to turn because of others, but all move simultaneously. As such, we each need to undergo a certain correction and calibration of the way we conduct ourselves: to reach a mutual decision to stop turning in opposite directions and to start turning in the same direction, where we each primarily consider the benefit of others and the whole system that we are parts of.
Everyone is thus accountable for the way the world has turned out. There are no criminals or victims. We are all equally responsible for everything taking place, good and bad. We reach such an understanding when we see that we live in an integral world, which is represented by a circle that has no beginning or end. We thus have no single person we can point our finger at to blame for our problems. We each contribute to everything unfolding in humanity.
We have to reach the view of nature as a whole, interconnected and interdependent system, and to treat everyone differently than how we currently treat them: where instead of prioritizing self-benefit at their expense, we instead prioritize their benefit over self-benefit.
There is thus no ego of another person that we can justifiably hate but we need to reach the realization that I am the only criminal in the world. From that point on, I can start correcting my own ego and start developing a new attitude and perception of the world. I will then also start seeing a whole new harmonious and peaceful picture of the world open up.
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