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The Key to Efficiency in Our Lives

Modern life is characterized by an ongoing race to be more efficient, constantly raising the bar higher to become successful? But maximum efficiency is not always a guarantee of fulfillment. For that, we need goal management and a clear direction from the highest perspective in life.

As with a race, even before we start, it is important to choose a direction for myself and develop a plan to implement it. Otherwise, we will surely reach the end of our lives without realizing the gift that nature has given only to us, our unique potential, to each and every one of us. Therefore, striving to be someone else and do what everyone does is the sure recipe to be mediocre and stay that way.

Just because I run fast does not mean I will reach somewhere worthy faster. People usually chase after goals they have not even set for themselves. “You will not decide for me,” small children tell us to demonstrate their independence, but in our lives as adults we constantly run where we have been told to run.

We run fast, almost restlessly, constantly trying to become more efficient, to be precise. But, have we become slaves in this intent without a rational explanation of what we want to achieve?

Whoever wants to break this vicious cycle must first of all avoid following what the majority does without questioning why one is doing it. Life is not a machine with values and goals automatically activated.

What is worth living for? What do I want to do with life? Without clarifying these big questions about the essence of our existence, all efforts will be useless and meaningless. “The end of the act is already contained in the initial thought,” our sages said to emphasize that first of all it is indispensable to find out what nature created us for in order to realize what we can achieve in life.

Then, the first step in being efficient is to ask myself what I live for. After I have found an answer for myself and defined a worthy goal, the second stage should be to find out how to achieve, what means do I need to achieve it? The third step is to surround myself with people who are also interested in achieving the same goal so that they will provide a supportive environment for me.

It is important to internalize that without a supportive environment, a person cannot progress. We are social beings, and therefore we must absorb forces from our environment, similar to the seed that is in the soil and needs a suitable substrate of moisture, minerals and fertilizers in order to grow and thrive. I will be able to receive good examples from a supportive environment in which envy propels us to progress but gives us the necessary strength to move forward and overcome all obstacles on the way to realizing our potential.

A waste of time, in the broadest sense of the word, is to flow with life and follow our natural tendencies. Therefore, whenever I feel distracted, I must return to the environment again and tell myself that I need to be in closer contact with it so that the environment can position me more correctly in the direction of the great goal I’ve chosen.

By the way, this is also a very important tip for parents. Instead of trying to force your children to develop in the direction you want them to and provoking rejection in them, it would be better if you immerse them in an environment with children who are developing in the same direction you think is appropriate. Your children will get an urge to move toward the same purpose from others.

It is the importance of the goals we set in advance what will make us meet those goals. It is therefore imperative to elevate the importance of the great goal we aspire to every day, to remind each other why it is important to us and what it will give us in life.

From an evolutionary point of view, the level of effectiveness of someone in the human race is measured by the degree of their participation in changing human relationships from egoistic relationships that threaten to destroy the world to altruistic relationships that will build an integral relationship between everyone.

A person is considered efficient and beneficial to the system to the extent that he or she promotes good connections between people, and complementarity and reciprocity within society. Each of us will feel the total realization of what nature has given to us alone to the same extent, a unique gift for every person in the world.

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