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The First Question

Every moment in our lives begins with the question, “What am I living for?” We normally do not recognize it for what it is, so we manage to keep going even though we do not have an answer.

However, in the following second, the question about the purpose of our lives will show up again. And once again, we will not notice it and continue to the next second in our lives. This is the flow of life, an endless stream of questions about its meaning and purpose.
We cannot choose not to ask about it since the question exists even before our physical body comes into being. It is the first, primordial question and our bodies develop only in order to find the answer. In fact, all of life exists only to answer this first question.

Whether you are a construction worker, a college professor, a street sweeper, a police officer, or what have you, we all have the same inner drive to search for the meaning of our lives in everything we do. We may not be aware that we are driven to do what we do by this essential quest, but we are driven by it just the same.

Even people who seem calm and satisfied, who do not seem to be searching for anything and say they are content with life and do not want anything more out of it, are only convincing themselves that this is how they feel. Nevertheless, if the question did not burn within them, they would not be alive.

The quest is there to make us search for the source of life itself, the comprehensive force in nature. For now, most people search without knowing what drives them in life. Today, however, humanity is approaching the realization of the true objective of the quest.

Each day, more and more people are asking themselves about the origin of life. They are beginning to create a picture of what the force must be like, what are its qualities and how they can approach it, grasp it, and bring themselves to it.

Just as a baby wants to be near its mother and receive from her, when we are drawn ‎toward connection with the superior, original force, we begin to receive from it the answer to the question about the meaning of life. These days, humanity is finally getting closer to finding the answer to the question about the meaning of life. In the coming years, this will become humanity’s main engagement.‎

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