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How Can We Protect the Environment?

Our every problem stems from our perception of ourselves as separate from nature, where we differentiate “me” from “everyone and everything outside of me.”
Such a perception makes us regard our environment as subordinate to us. Even when we care for the environment, we do so solely with our own benefit in mind, without considering the whole system of nature.
Our excessive self-interest breaches the balance in nature’s integrally-connected system, and it evokes negative feedback from nature. We then suffer from ecological disasters, pandemics and myriad other phenomena.
Therefore, we need to change our approach from “how can we protect the environment?” to a perception of us as nature’s integral parts.
In general, we underestimate the power of our thoughts and desires. They are the most powerful forces in nature and they have the potential to impact great changes in nature.
The problem is that our thoughts’ influence on nature is hidden from us.
Accordingly, we solely relate to our external influence on nature, such as gas emissions and waste pollution, while the most powerful influence we have on nature awaits treatment at its causal point.
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