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For the Love of Nature

At first, the virus pushed us away from one another so we wouldn’t harm each other anymore. Now comes stage two where we should begin to feel that COVID-19 did not happen by chance and will go away as soon as we find a cure. We should have no illusions about returning to the previous life.

Nature has a clear direction: It will continue to pressure us toward correct connections among us. If we relate not to the blows but to their source, to the integral and connected nature, and if we walk along with it and try to be more integral and connected, too, we will discover that nature does not punish or deal blows. On the contrary, we will find in its rebukes the guiding hand of a loving mother who admonishes only when she has no other choice, and even then she tries to rebuke as little as possible, just until her child understands her message. And in the case of nature, it is telling us that if we begin to want to love each other, even if we still cannot, we will find that it loves us.

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[Image: The largest supermoon of the year rises over Mount Hood as seen from Sandy, Ore., on April 7, 2020. (Photo by Alex Milan Tracy/Sipa USA)]

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