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How did the COVID-19 virus appear?

There is a deeper reason for the appearance of the COVID-19 virus than the theories currently on offer. Whether it emerged from bats, pangolins, or whether it was lab-produced, essentially any of these or other stated reasons for the revelations of the virus would still merely be consequences of a deeper causal factor: human imbalance with nature.

Nature functions as an interconnected and interdependent system that constantly guides its parts to reach the same level of interconnectedness and interdependence. It operates as a whole integrated system, considering each and every one of its details with utmost precision and care.

The still, vegetative and animate levels of nature are sustained in an instinctive and involuntary balance with nature.

The human level of nature is fundamentally opposed to nature in that it is egoistic, operating out of self-interest at the expense of other people and parts of nature.

Moreover, the more we humans have developed, the more this egoistic quality has grown, and in recent times it has reached unprecedented excesses. We developed a consumeristic, individualistic and materialistic rat-race society where we each tried to build our successes on the ruin of others.

Before the coronavirus, our overblown egoism was leading human society to states that could have been far worse than the pandemic if it had continued to be left to its own devices. The increasing tension in international relations, for instance, could have well led to a world war.

Therefore, in terms of how COVID-19 appeared, it would be wise to view it from its deeper cause: our imbalance with nature.

Also, in the social distancing conditions we find ourselves in, we would do wisely if we started learning more about how nature’s wholeness, and how we could use this unique period we are in for an upgrade of human consciousness: to become more considerate in our relationships and connections, and thus, to bring ourselves closer to nature.

Doing so would have far-reaching implications in terms of our general happiness and well-being, as we would then no longer awaken all kinds of blows that affect us on personal, social, ecological and global scales, but the contrary, we would draw nature’s positive unifying force in the new positive relationships we build with each other.

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