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America’s Vote for Unity

On the eve of a critical presidential election in the US, the world holds its breath and watches carefully any possible outcome as it will influence every inch of the planet. America, as a global superpower, has the potential to lead the way in social cohesion and positively influence the world. In order to do that, whoever wins will need to prioritize unity of American society over divisiveness.

The US presidential race, as in all political campaigns, is vicious, and becoming more so every day. The air in America is so thick with animosity that it manifests in all areas of America’s daily life. Exacerbated emotions manifested as outbursts prevail in the streets, the media, workplaces, households, and basically in every sphere of the US society. Polarization dominates the general atmosphere.

Six of seven Americans think that news coverage in general is politically biased to a certain degree, according to a recent Gallup study. Interestingly, 69% of those surveyed said “they are more concerned about bias in the news others consume than its presence in their own news.” In other words, based on this survey, Americans lean towards sources that confirm their beliefs and do not look with open minds at alternative information sources that express opposite views.

Rising above suspicion between one another is what will steer America’s path to a positive future. Failure to do so will lead the US down a course of self-destruction and chaos. Therefore, if I were asked what should be the main criterion to decide which candidate to vote for, I would say that one should analyze who offers a comprehensive plan to run the country efficiently covering its basic needs.

But above any other consideration, the million dollar question should be what candidate for the next US presidency has an inclination—not only slogans or nice words—to unite above the rampant divisions and plans to build America’s cohesion above the soaring hostility in society. The answer to this question, above all others, will illustrate what route America will take heading into the future.

Nations don’t need long and painful paths to reach a good state. By starting to think and act toward uniting all people, a society can pioneer a remarkable positive transformation. If an educational campaign is launched to raise public awareness and teach people how to organize and build a society based on mutual responsibility, the transition from hatred to peaceful coexistence above different views and beliefs will be successful and smooth.

This goal consists of a different collective consciousness that reconfigures people’s relationships toward mutual benefit, from exploitative to considerate, from polarization to inclusive cooperation. As it happens with different organs in the body when they work together to complement each other for the overall correct functioning, the different factions of US society must learn to rise above their differences for harmonious relationships and a healthy nation.

It is precisely at this time of profound distress and friction that America is presented with the opportunity to realize the imperative need to create a model for a future society where people make all the possible efforts to strengthen the connection between them, understanding that from within good human relations, the essence of life—happiness, warmth, and confidence—is discovered.

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