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A Time of Hate, a Time for Love

Our sages wrote about our time in many places, such as in Masechet Sanhedrin, Masechet Sotah, and Tikkuney Zohar. They wrote that in our time, “Insolence shall soar … the face of the generation is as the face of the dog, righteous shall be cast away, authors’ wisdom shall go astray, and righteous shall be castaway.” Indeed, we are living in a time of insolence, conceit, mutual cancellation, but mainly hate.

But we are not living in a bad time. The hatred between us has been hiding within us all along, but circumstances have exposed it. Now that it’s been revealed, it is calling on us to mend it, to patch up our aversion with care and compassion, and build bridges of love above our hatred for each other. And since the whole world is going through this process, it is a sign that the whole world is ready to mend all hatred into love.

The human race is unique. We have a vocation—to consciously build a society whose members feel as one, united whole. That oneness will lead us to a new, expansive level of awareness: awareness of the entire universe, and beyond. This is why humanity has been growing increasingly connected.

So far, this process has been happening “on its own,” without our conscious participation. In order to launch the final stage, where all of humanity becomes connected, we must all participate. This is why today’s blows, such as the coronavirus outbreak, are global in nature, to impel us to act as one on a global level and develop global consciousness.
Nature cannot do the work for us, or we will not become conscious. It can expose the shattering, the hatred among us, but it cannot build the bridge of love. This is our task, the task of our generation. The manifestation of hatred is nature’s calling on us to manifest love. If we delay our response, it will only call on us more forcefully by revealing more hatred. If we embrace the calling and join the process, then love will cover the hatred and fill us with such joy that we never knew existed.

But it will not be the end of the process. To develop us even further, nature will reveal to us even deeper and more vicious hatred within us that we currently can’t see or feel. It, too, will emerge only so we may cover it with love. As the process continues, we will rise to ever higher levels of connection, care, and love, until we are all truly as one.

This is why a time of hate is always a time for love, to build love above the hate.

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