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All Blue

Imagine standing outside your house on a sunny January morning. The deep blue sky is stunning in its clarity, and you could stare at it for hours. Now imagine looking straight ahead at the houses and trees in front of you. You expect to find brown trunks and branches, a dark brown earth, or the array of colors on the walls of houses in your neighborhood, but there is none of it. Their color has turned to deep winter blue, just like the sky. In fact, they are so similar that you can barely tell them apart from the skyline.

Now look down and picture the ground. It was supposed to be pitch-black on the asphalt road or brown around the barren trees with patches of muddy snow from last week’s blizzard. But it isn’t; it is blue, deep, deep blue, just like the sky above you and the houses everywhere you look. The whole world is one and only color: the deep, clear blue of winter skies.

The next morning, you come out of your house, breathe the fresh air of winter, and once again, stare at the blue sky above you, blue trees and buildings before you and behind you, and the blue ground beneath your feet. On the third day, nothing changes, and likewise on the fourth, the fifth, and so on for weeks, months, years, a lifetime. The world has become all blue.

This is what has happened to the American society: It’s become all blue. Even Blacks are now blue. If you dare support a different color, you are ousted, banned, and banished.

Just like our world, society cannot consist of just one color; it is not real, unhealthy, and will bring with it America’s doom, simply because it is unnatural. When public discourse allows only one voice to be heard, it breaks the foundations of the country.

If you take social media and all the mainstream newspapers, they all back one and only narrative. This is very wrong for the American society. Just as walking forward means tilting slightly left, then slightly right, but always forward using both legs, so society must lean this way and that way, but always forward—toward a stronger union above Left and Right. Society cannot limp on one leg only; it will fall. The duty of the media is to reflect both sides as equally as humanly possible, so people can shift and tilt this way or that way, but do it in a healthy manner.

When you silence the opposite view, you are weakening yourself and forcing the other side to reinvigorate itself. Nothing good will come out of this. Republicans will build their own systems, develop, and grow stronger, while Democrats are basking in their own complacency. They are building for themselves what the Bolsheviks built for themselves in Russia a hundred years ago. Indeed, it is a blue, blue world.

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